WyzeTalk Announces the Launch of their New Website

Platform enables internal communication and engagement for an entire workforce, including non-desk workers through the use of an employee engagement platform and employee app, Wyzetalk.com reports

Wyzetalk (https://www.wyzetalk.com/) proudly announces the launch of their new website, showcasing their communication platform designed to enable internal communication and engagement for between large businesses and their entire workforce, including non-desk workers.

The platform makes use of an employee engagement platform and employee app to make open channels of communication easier. In the past, mobile employees have often been ignored by enterprise software, but this is no longer the case. With the use of Wyzetalk's platform, all employees can remain informed and engaged via their mobile devices.

"Effective internal communication is critical to business performance," says Sarah Strauss, spokesperson for Wyzetalk (www.wyzetalk.com). "When employees are not in the loop they often become disengaged which has been proven to have a direct effect on productivity. Revenue may be lost and the expectations of customers are not met, and simply because the non-desk workforce doesn't have access to the same information those working in the office do. With the help of our platform, all employees remain informed and on the same page."

With the help of this platform, security and compliance increases. Furthermore, the management team is better able to monitor employee engagement regardless of their location - in the office, or out in the field. Employees receive real-time answers to questions that arise and less time is spent trying to reach the correct person in the office to obtain information. This is often of great importance as a customer, team or leader is waiting for information to make a decision.

"Multichannel communications are essential to ensure employees can access information in a timely manner. Wyzetalk (wyzetalk.com) delivers messages to smart and feature phones via SMS, USSD, Mobi or App. Multi-layer segmentation is used to ensure the right message reaches the right person at the right time, and these messages are targeted, relevant, and personal. Furthermore, the platform seamlessly integrates with enterprise systems such as SAP, PeopleSoft, and Sage so that payroll, e-learning and shift management information shared via the employee app is correct," Strauss continues.

One often overlooked benefit of using this platform is that it helps to build a sense of teamwork. Employees gain a better understanding of what their peers or how those in the office keep everything running smoothly. Additionally, only that information that is relevant to the employee may be shared using the platform and app. This helps to reduce information overload in a world that already has people being overwhelmed by data and technology.

"Request a demo today to see what this platform can do for your organization. As more employees move away from the office, consistent and relevant communication between the business and its workforce becomes more essential. Even those companies with few non-desk employees benefit from the use of this platform, as it provides a means for their organization to grow. Check out our new website today," Strauss recommends.

About WyzeTalk:

WyzeTalk specialises in enabling internal communication and engagement for a non-desk workforce through their Employee Engagement Platform and Employee App.

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