Wyoming Incorporations Set Another Record Year Amidst Economic Growth

Wyoming has one corporation for every man woman and child in the state. The privacy and lack of taxes are set to propel another record year of company formations.

Wyoming is the least populated state in the USA, but punches far above its weight in terms of economic might. This is due to several factors which have recently made Wyo business entities more desirable than their Nevada LLC and Delaware Corporation counterparts. While data is scarce, WY incorporation service providers report clients are drawn to the state’s strict privacy laws, lack of taxes and unique corporate structures. Recognizing not everyone incorporating in Wyoming lives in state, there has even grown a cottage industry for registered agent services including Wyoming mail forwarding.

Wyoming allows the traditional profit corporations, limited liability corporations, s-corps, c-corps, but also has the unique L3C and the Close Corp and Close LLC. The L3C is a hybrid between traditional profit and non-profit corps. There are fewer than one thousand across the USA. WY also allows companies with fewer restrictions and rules. These are called close-corps because ever shareholder is close and thus there aren’t the usual rules needed to protect members and directors from another.

Don’t let the headlines fool you. While there may be a company for every man woman and child in Wyo, this does not mean that every person in the state has formed a company. Rather, it shows the Secretary of State’s drive to establish a business friendly climate has succeeded in attracting citizens across the world. This pro-business attitude contrasts starkly to the national mood of protectionism. It is hoped this economic nationalism does not put a chilling effect across the USA economy which has for so long depended upon free trade.

This surge in people wanting to incorporate in Wyoming is helping the local economy heal. After oil dropped from over $100 to around $50 many local businesses were left wondering where their next source of revenue would come from. The answer has turned out to be growing demand for incorporating in Wyoming and industries which attach to incorporation centers. Namely, Wyoming has seen a surge in Wyoming registered agents, Wyoming LLCs, Corporations and Wyoming Virtual Offices.

Local Chamber of Commerce chapters have stated informally the difficulty in acquiring new members. This is because while the rest of the USA has benefit from the drop in oil and coal prices, the economies which extract them have been hit hardest. This has led to population drops in some of the state’s largest cities. Namely, realtors across Cheyenne, Jackson, Casper, Laramie, Sheridan, Cody, Gillette and Rock Springs have stated there is an exodus of people moving to the coasts.

This has led some to speculate Wyo may become the next Silicon Valley as old style industrial businesses move out and new modern industries take over. The previous year has seen a dramatic rise in the number of corporations incorporated in Wyoming. From Limited Liability Companies and C-Corps, to Wyoming mail forwarding, phone forwarding and Wyoming registered agent services. With the drop in economic activity relating to extract industries it is little surprise the Secretary of State is searching for businesses near and wide.

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