Wrongful Death Attorney in Freehold Borough, New Jersey Announces Specialist Lawsuit Service To Help Achieve Satisfactory Settlement

A wrongful death attorney in Freehold Borough, Monmouth County, NJ (Tomes & Hanratty PC), has just announced a specialized Wrongful Death Service. The service includes a free consultation to help make life easier for those needing to deal with this type of lawsuit.

Families wanting to find the right wrongful death attorney in Monmouth County, NJ, will now be able to get involved with Tomes & Hanratty PC, a top rated wrongful death attorney.

More information can be found at https://tomeslaw.com/

Today Frances Tomes, founding partner at Tomes & Hanratty PC releases details of a special procedure for handling wrongful death claims.

The service is designed to appeal specifically to those families affected by medical malpractice, nursing home care neglect and deaths from the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

It includes a proven framework handled by Ms. Tomes who, over the last 30 years, has focused on wrongful death and which has resulted in hundreds of settlements in favor of her clients and the clients of Tomes & Hanratty PC.

Investigation Stage – Wrongful death cases are a lot more complex than something like a personal injury claim resulting from a car accident. Therefore how the investigation is carried out is crucial if someone wants the best outcome possible. Without a client to tell their side of the story, intensive fact finding with other witnesses and analysis from documents and other tangible evidence must occur.

Expert Witness Selection – Expert witnesses can make or break a case, and not having one is sure to doom a case. Due to the years of experience, the team knows which experts will perform well in court and which ones may not, as well as the different types of experts needed.

Ongoing 2-Way Case Updates - Wrongful death cases can often take at least a couple of years to come to a conclusion. Throughout that time, the clients become like family. With a compassionate approach, Ms. Tomes spends many repeat appointments with the family over that time to truly understand the extent of the pain and suffering and loss that has occurred, as usually at the initial appointment the family is still in too much shock to communicate their full loss.

Ms. Tomes, when asked about the specialized Wrongful Death Service said: “This is an area of law that requires a huge amount of effort, sensitivity and experience. With all our clients, our goal is always to set the right expectation at the start and meet those expectations all the way through to settlement or trial. As lawyers, we are intimidating in court, but we have to be a crutch for our clients to lean on through this process and through their recovery as well.’

This is the latest offering from Tomes & Hanratty PC and Ms. Tomes is particularly passionate about this announcement because of how many loved ones and affected families she has already helped..

To access a free consultation and learn more about Tomes & Hanratty PC and their wrongful death service please visit the website at https://tomeslaw.com/ or call (732) 333-0681.

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