Wrong Fuel Recovery UK Reports 150,000 Drivers Use the Wrong Fuel Every Year

With quick action and a mobile fuel drain, damage to the engine may be prevented, announces Wrong-Fuel-Recover.co.uk

Reports estimate that 150,000 individuals in the United Kingdom add the wrong fuel to their vehicle every year. Once they do so, they start the engine or turn the ignition, circulating contaminated fuel through the system. This could lead to very costly damage to the car or truck, unless the fuel is removed from the tank and replaced with clean fuel prior to either of these two events occurring. Any driver who makes this common mistake, one that takes place approximately every three and a half minutes, needs to contact Wrong Fuel Recovery UK for assistance.

"The worst thing a person can do upon using the wrong fuel is to drive the vehicle. The more the fuel moves through the engine, the more damage it can do. It's best to leave the vehicle right where it is and call for help. A technician can be on site within an hour to drain the fuel and save the day. Keep this in mind if this simple mistake is made at any time," Ansis Zviedris, spokesperson for Wrong Fuel Recovery UK, announces.

Diesel fuel pumps operate at very high pressures and on very fine tolerances, and petrol fuel doesn't provide the lubrication the engine needs, acting as a solvent instead. This leads to damage to the fuel pump as metal makes contact with metal, leaving behind particles. These particles may then be deposited in the fuel, leading to additional damage to the vehicle's fuel system.

"One needs to understand the further into the system the fuel goes, the more damage it will do, leading to more costly repairs. With enough damage, the entire engine may need to be replaced. Contact Wrong Fuel Recovery UK to prevent this from happening," Zviedris explains.

Putting diesel in a petrol car engine can also be very damaging. One should never assume hose colors are the same amongst retailers and brands. Furthermore, this mistake commonly occurs when one purchases a new car or drives a vehicle other than their primary one or when the driver carries on a conversation while filling the car. Running late is another reason one may make this mistake. Don't feel bad, as this happens more often than many realize. It is best to schedule a mobile fuel drain immediately to prevent costly damage.

"One should never drive the vehicle once this has been done. Some individuals state that less than five litres of diesel won't harm the car, but drivers shouldn't take chances. It is much cheaper to have the tank drained than to repair or replace an engine. Contact Wrong Fuel Recovery UK immediately to have the problem resolved quickly," Zviedris states.

About Wrong Fuel Recovery UK:

Wrong Fuel Recovery UK offers 24 hour fast service, regardless of where one is in the nation. A fully trained and insured technician arrives to conduct a mobile fuel drain to prevent damage to the engine, and the recovered fuel is disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

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