Worldwide Jailbreak Conference WWJC2014 Scheduled

In the view of the announcement of WWJC2014 it is now possible that next release of iOS 7 jailbreak is delayed until the jailbreak conference event scheduled in May 2014.

Worldwide Jailbreak Conference has been scheduled for May-2014 and this has opened a new chapter in the jailbreak community. Millions of iOS 7 users are already waiting for the release of most anticipated jailbreak for iOS 7 or 7.0.4. Recently no big news came from famous jailbreakers like Pod2g & MuscleNerd except they updated through tweets that they are working hard for achieving the iOS 7 jailbreak.
iH8sn0w is most active on twitter as compared to other jailbreakers and he has updated that the iOS 7 jailbreak release is not possible this year after he hinted on 29 November that the release was halted, below are the exact words:

"it was. But due to some vulns still working on iOS 7 a release was halted."

In this scenario and the situation of last year's Absinthe jailbreak it may be possible that next jailbreak would be delayed until the WWJC 2014 event, if this happens this would be the longest period iOS users shall be living without a working jailbreak on iDevices running iOS 7. There is no question that most probably the next release will be for iOS 7.1 jailbreak because the beta 1 of 7.1 has already been seeded for developers and the final version may come out soon.

JailbreakStation a famous blog is also considering to sponsor the next years WWJC 2014 and as usual they shall be keeping its visitors updated regarding any developments in iOS 7 jailbreaking activity. People having the old versions of iOS up to 6.1.2 everyone can jailbreak their devices using the available evasi0n jailbreak tool which has been the only working jailbreak from many months.

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