WorldSIM Connects Users to Limitless WiFi All over the Globe

WorldSIM allows mobile users to stay online and out of shady hotspots. This allows for unlimited web usage, without the hassle of insecure networks.

For years, travelers and tourists have been burdened with the high costs of using roaming data when away from home. Using one’s phone to make calls, text, or even surf the web quickly racks up an alarming price tag when away from home. To combat this issue, users have to pay fees for extra data usage, or repeatedly put in guest passwords or make accounts when visiting various mobile WiFi hotspots. However, now there is a much simpler solution.

With ‘WorldSIM’, users of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices can effortlessly connect to over 50 million mobile WiFi hotspots in over 100 countries. By using the massive array of WorldSIM hotspots, mobile users are able to avoid roaming fees and cumbersome guest WiFi hotspot logins by automatically connecting to WorldSIM’s dedicated high speed hotspots. This completely eliminates common dangers of using roaming data such as exceeding data caps or insecure guest networks. Guest networks are prone to identity and data theft, and often pry for personal data like email addresses and telephone numbers. Some even require those connecting to enter a credit card number to gain access to their wireless network. These are just some of the many dangers of insecure wireless networks, all of which can be avoided by the use of WorldSIM’s dedicated network.

WorldSIM allows mobile users to have endless access to high speed WiFi nearly anywhere they go. Whether the user is in a different country, different state, or even on an international flight, they will have unlimited WiFi with speeds three times as fast as 3G. WorldSIM members can freely stream media, watch movies, play games, check emails, or do any other variety of online activities with no fear of exceeding data caps. Upon ordering, access to the WorldSIM network is nearly instant, allowing members’ access to high speed internet access around the world. Without the need for constant login information, the hassle of low internet speeds, or insecure networks, members can freely surf the web without having to visit hotels or cafés.

This state of the art network is the first of its grandeur and nature, as no other service can advertise greater coverage of the same service as WorldSIM. “By combining Wi-Fi and cellular, WorldSIM can now offer customers the greatest access to connectivity across the globe,” says CEO of WorldSIM, Arif Reza. As more and more people are punished for using their roaming data, the company only gets more popular. With such a competitive price tag at only $75 per year for unlimited online access on up to three unique devices, WorldSIM is a no brainer for any sort of traveler. The service is vital for those on business trips, on holiday, or even those who simply want to use roaming data when away from home.

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