World’s first blockchain fitness band launches initiative to promote a healthier lifestyle

New Zealand technology company champions healthy living with proprietary health wearable device InfiniteBand.

In efforts to combat a sedentary lifestyle, InfiniteBand was launched to motivate the public to increase their daily amount of exercise by tracking physical activity. The fitness band, designed for everyday wear, currently comes in a super-light form with an adjustable sweat-proof band.

Like most performance gears, InfiniteBand has an accompanying app that allows users to track personal health data. With one tap to sync data in real-time, users are privy to personal health reports, including amount of calories burnt, distance clocked, goal progress and step count. The app is also slated for upgrades to include future functions such as blood pressure calibration and sleep log. With users being more aware of their own fitness levels and having control over personal goals and progress, the company hopes that exercising can become more widespread, ultimately leading to more healthy lives.

In addition to the aforementioned physiological benefits, users can participate in an exclusive wellness programme launched by the same creators of the InfiniteBand. The Burn to Earn programme, short for ‘burn calories to earn credits’, rewards participants who lead active lifestyles with fitness credits that can be used with participating merchants.

The year-long wellness programme was designed to give users ample time to condition themselves to start living more healthily. With every Burn to Earn challenge that one completes, one will be able to increase one’s periods of exercise to form healthy habits for a more active lifestyle.

InfiniteBand’s suite of products, namely the fitness band, smart phone application and wellness programme, was designed by InfinitePay Limited, a technology company headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. The company explores emerging technologies and integrates them into everyday products that ease burdens and better lives worldwide.

InfinitePay Limited is celebrating the launch of their very first wearable product with the Collector’s First Edition InfiniteBand, available in limited quantities only.

Once all sets of the Collector’s First Edition are booked for pre-order, they will no longer be available in the market. Besides bragging rights, all users who sport the Collector’s First Edition InfiniteBand will also be able to access an exclusive tier of rewards for the Burn to Earn programme. More information can be found at

Physical inactivity has long been linked to an increased risk of premature death. A new study found that even minimal exercise could significantly lower the risk of premature death, as compared to no physical activity. With the introduction of InfiniteBand and the Burn to Earn Programme, InfinitePay Limited hopes to combat the perils of a sedentary lifestyle by fostering the good habit of staying active and keeping fit.

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