World-renowned Blockchain Exchange UUEX Is Awarded with Millions of Investment from AIQS Foundation

The senior partner of AIQS Foundation signed a strategic investment agreement of USD 5 million with UUEX officially.

On July 1, 2020, a giant association between AIQS Foundation and UUEX emerged, and the senior partner of AIQS Foundation signed a strategic investment agreement of USD 5 million with UUEX officially. Before the trend of blockchain, AIQS Foundation and UUEX was going to jointly open the investment strategy layout of blockchain industry, and build blocks in the ecological chain industry to the utmost. For this sake, based on the blockchain industry center and with UUEX as the breakthrough point. The two giants also integrate the upstream and downstream of UUEX ecology, thus enabling and coordinating industrial upgrading and high-quality development.

Simultaneously, AIQS Foundation highly recognizes UUEX's technical strength and direction path. It also plans to participate in the maintenance of UUEX's derivatives and consensus nodes in the future, and continue to help UUEX develop. The Foundation is going to further broaden the investment tools and channels of AIQS Foundation and optimize capital cost, thereby better meeting the strategic needs of development and practicing the tenet of "blockchain finance services", and creating real and lasting value together.

Established in 2018, UUEX has nowadays become the world's leading digital currency trading platform with hundreds of thousands of loyal trading users. UUEX is now providing users with a wide range of digital currency transactions, blockchain education, project incubation, asset management platform, blockchain research institute, blockchain charity and other services globally. UUEX has always stuck to taking users' interests as top priority. It adopts a financial level security system and harbors 10 years of experience in digital assets in the financial services, multi-layer and multiple cluster system architecture, the core technology, thriving to provide safe, fair, open and efficient block chain digital asset trading environment. UUEX relies on professional technical development team and experienced asset management team to provide users with secure and efficient digital currency transaction services. UUEX has always been motivational to be a leading company of blockchain industry.

By virtue of extensive experiences in the digital asset industry, the UUEX technical team has created a special top security risk control system and DPOS attack resistance system. UUEX adopts the security design based on multi-signature, offline signature and layered architecture, etc. to store digital assets on the platform in offline wallets to provide protections for each investor on the most important links.

UUEX2.0 is going to launch super platform currency, integrating three kinds of currencies and connecting four kinds of currencies, and ecological candy - UCandy. And it is to manage exchange's project of currency voting.Arena - UArena, featuring exchange trading output, dominating the off-shelf permission of main exchange project; Data bank - UBank, pledge outcome, dominating the transaction node equity; Three kinds of currencies of UCandy, UArena, UBank are integrated, giving a production of super ecological platform currency USV, and connecting four kinds of currencies to drive super digital capacity!

UUEX has always been forging ahead on the way of originality and development from technology to service, from business to operation, and from platform to layout, so that UUEX has been able to forge ahead in the fierce competition on the track. As UUEX team stated, UUEX will continue to adhere to the development principle of "users first, safety first" in the future. UUEX believes in promotion and development in fields of business development, technology research and development, business cooperation, thereby expanding the broader business scene, and continuing to build UUEX ecology in the continuous development of globalization simultaneously.

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