Workers Compensation Lawyer In Sandy Springs, GA, Announces New Legal Service Center Equipped With Latest Technology To Speed Comp Claims

ReisLaw in Sandy Springs, GA, announces the purchase of new office building equipped with the latest technology to help injured workers attain a faster resolution for their workplace injury claim.

Workers compensation attorney in Sandy Springs and Atlanta, GA, ReisLaw has just announced a high end, specialized service center for injured workers.

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Laura Reis, principal at ReisLaw, launched the service center to help those that have suffered a traumatic injury at work because of what she calls the “...inefficiency in claims processing.”

The new center delivers a much more personal and caring experience for people that have suffered a workplace injury.

When asked about the goal for the service center Reis was quoted as saying, “We wanted to build a special environment where people could come and be looked after.”

“From the moment they walk in the door our objective is not just about getting them the financial compensation they deserve but also to help them get their life back to the way it was before their injury.”

The center delivers a service that includes some key differentiators.

1 Caring Environment

When someone first visits ReisLaw’s offices, they enter what can only be called a sophisticated and comfortable space where they are given immediate personal attention.

Reis commented on the level of attention someone gets when they first visit the offices, “The reason for this is we often find people are anxious and even embarrassed to be seeking help so we make sure they are made to feel that they are in a place, that will care about their case.”

2 Fast Response ‘State of The Art’ Communication

ReisLaw has invested heavily in technology which includes a paperless office.
When asked about the benefits of this type of setup Reis said, “For example, as soon as we’ve agreed to take your case, while we’re talking to you we’re getting the claim created so by the time someone walks out the door they usually can have a claim filed and they’re setup in our client management system.”

The firm has also invested in technology that allows types of everyday communication methods. including enabling clients to text message and not just email.

Reis commented, “We find the phone is something people have all the time and they like the fact they can text us whenever they want rather than have to call us. They love the fact we respond immediately and deal with their question or whatever they need help with and because each client gets their very own SMS text number all of this automatically is added to the client history in the system, so anyone working on their case can see what communication has taken place.”

“Let's say I’m in court on a case and the client needs to quickly know about something that’s going on. The client doesn’t have to wait for a response from me or the lawyer in charge because anyone on the team can dive in and look at the case and respond right there in the moment.”

On top of this there is live support staff available 24 hours a day in English and Spanish so if you need to speak with someone in the middle of the night somebody will still take your call.

Reis said, “Some other firms do have this but it's normally for new clients and very rarely for existing cases.”

3 ‘Back to Life’ Cutting Edge Knowledge Base

One of the other things that sets the service apart is how ReisLaw wants all of its clients to be able to get back to where they were in terms of everyday activity and function, before their injury, no matter how serious.

To this end Reis is constantly going to medical seminars to update the firm's knowledge base in what is now possible for those who have had life changing injuries.

When asked about this she said, “The medical technology is always advancing and things like a prosthesis and other medical equipment keep changing. What you’re able to do for example, if you have an amputation, is different today compared with even last year.”

“So it's no longer about just getting compensation for loss of a limb, for example. It's also about getting compensation to cover the best durable medical equipment, prosthesis, and whatever other medical technology can be used to restore them [clients] back to the way they were before the accident or injury.”

“A great example of this are robotic gloves which can be life changing for anyone that’s lost a finger.”

Ms. Reis has recently been selected as a Super Lawyer and is published in Atlanta magazine for the past six years. She has also been selected as a top injured workers attorney by The Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group (WILG) who are a national group that protects the rights of injured workers.

In terms of being a trial attorney she has been named as a top trial lawyer by The American Trial Lawyers Association and appears as one of the top 40 trial lawyers of The National Trial Lawyers Association.

Currently ReisLaw are offering a free consultation to all new clients who would like to experience this service. Please visit the website at for full details.

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