Wondermom Smart Nappies Turn Diapers into a Smart Wearable Capable of Tracking Baby Growth Effortlessly

Live on Indiegogo, Wondermom's ‘Smart Nappies’ are here to help parents track their baby’s growth effortlessly.

Wondermom Smart Nappies, the revolutionary new smart wearable for diapers, is live on the global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

In today’s world, parents have trouble juggling their professional and personal lives. Baby care is an endearing yet draining full-time commitment. The Wondermom® Smart Nappy Kit revolutionizes baby care by eliminating the uncertainties around raising healthy babies, reassuring parents of their baby’s safety.

"'Wondermom’ was designed to reassure new parents that they are prepared to tackle the challenges associated with parenting,” says co-founder Georgiana Tam on the inspiration behind the project. “With our App, parents can remotely monitor and receive notifications about their baby anytime, anywhere - from home, from work, or even when you’re out running errands.”

To get started, parents clip the Kini Sensor onto Wondermom® Smart Diapers and connect to it via the included app. Any changes in the surrounding temperature, such as the baby's position and diaper wetness will be sent to the App right away. Parents will receive push notifications prompting them to change a diaper or to check the baby if needed.

In addition, the app displays health records and growth data so the care provider can further analyze the baby’s health, growth, and development. Designed for the convenience of the Caregivers (aka Wondermoms!), all data is saved in the app, eliminating the need for bulky paperwork to track the baby’s growth.

“We believe that appropriate technology applications can positively change society, not only to improve the quality of care, but also to improve the efficiency of care,” adds Tam. “Wondermom® Smart Diaper Kit not only takes the guesswork out of raising healthy babies but also ensures babies grow up in a safe environment without parents experiencing constant stress.”

Wondermom Smart Nappies is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo: www.indiegogo.com/projects/conquering-parenthood-with-wondermom-smart-nappies/#/

About Wonderkin

Wonderkin is a pioneering technology-based healthcare brand focused on developing next generation of digital smart diapers. Our company aims to ease caregiving through the implementation of smart technology. The idea for ‘Wondermom’ was conceived by Georgiana Tam, co-founder of Wonderkin in early 2019 to improve the caregiving process for mothers using technology. Having worked in the conventional diaper industry for many years, she realized that, while the industry placed immense focus on baby care, not nearly enough attention was placed on the wellbeing of elderly parents. Our “Wonderfolks” product was created as a response to this void waiting to be filled, and with time and testing, has proven to be the optimal solution to the problem.

For more information on Wonderkin please visit: www.wonderkin.co/wondermom


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