Women Tend to Be Lacking in Financial Protection, Reports Insurance Hero

InsuranceHero.Org.UK publishes statistics concerning mothers in the workplace and their financial impact in the home, illustrating the need for insurance coverage for all women

The Office for National Statistics reports 5.3 million mothers in the United Kingdom were working in 2013, with single mothers accounting for many of these workers. Married women and those in long term relationships also increased in numbers in the workforce, as this number jumped by ten percent over a 17 year period. Mothers need to protect their finances by purchasing insurance (www.insurancehero.org.uk/news/many-uk-women-are-not-sufficiently-protecting-their-futures.html) to cover them in the event something goes wrong, and Insurance Hero provides various policies designed for women of all ages.

"The money working moms bring into the home is only part of the equation. For example, when a woman spends six hours a week cleaning her home, she is doing anywhere from £48 to £51 worth of work each week. This comes to £192 to £204 a month. If the mom is unable to work or do standard household chores, not only will her income be lost, the other tasks must be covered, and someone must pay for this. A life insurance or critical illness policy helps with these expenses. This is just one of many examples, and more can be found at the website (www.insurancehero.org.uk/types/life-insurance-for-mums.html)," Simon Jones, spokesperson for Insurance Hero, explains.

Critical care insurance protects the family when the woman cannot work for an extended period of time for health reasons. Single women benefit from this type of policy also, as one can never predict when they will become ill and be unable to work. By law, insurance companies must treat men and women equally, ensuring fair premiums for all, and premiums for this type of policy have declined over the past decade.

Any woman lacking adequate insurance is putting her financial future at risk. Imagine not being able to pay the mortgage for one month or be unable to meet other obligations. Catching up often takes weeks, months, or even years. With an insurance policy in place, one designed to assist in situations such as this, women find they can protect their finances, regardless of what takes place, Jones states.

Women over the age of 40 often wonder if they can afford to purchase insurance. Fortunately, companies offer a number of plans (www.insurancehero.org.uk/types/life-insurance-over-40.html) for women who fall into this age group. Some plans offer guaranteed acceptance, meaning the woman will be approved, as long as she falls within the specified age range, without the need for a medical exam. Before one chooses a policy of this type, she needs to learn about possible exclusions.

"Never choose an insurance policy based on price alone. Women need to carefully care plans, premiums, terms and conditions, and more. Protecting one's financial future requires diligence and research. Insurance Hero works to make the process easier, thus any woman looking to purchase insurance should start her search here," Jones declares.

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