Women in Cyber Security: A Talk by the Duchess of Cyber Security

Threat of security breaches has been steadily increasing over the past two years. News of such breaches can be found in newspapers and media outlets on nearly a daily basis. Even the biggest names across different industries have faced the damages caused by data theft.

The threat of security breaches has been steadily increasing over the past two years. News of such breaches can be found in newspapers and media outlets on nearly a daily basis. Even the biggest names across different industries have faced the damages caused by data theft. Companies, like Target, Sony, OPM, IRS, Home Depot, Scott Trade, Experian, and Anthem, have suffered security breaches, leaving their customers baffled and perplexed. Most of the time, customers do not even know the depth to which their information has been compromised due to security breaches.
Once a breach has been identified, the remedial course of action are taken which does not always include proper testing. It is dire that security testing of information systems are taken more seriously and conducted more frequently to avoid such instances from occurring. A study conducted by the Ponemon Institute noted that based on a study utilizing 350 companies the average consolidated cost of a data breach is $3.8 million which is an increase of 23 percent since 2013.
Cyber security is a shared responsibility and as per the United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, who said, “In cyber security, the more systems we secure, the more secure we all are.”

To address the threat of security breaches, most companies, as part of the organization, now have cyber security experts, who constantly monitor and mitigate such risks. Women have made a mark in this field, as well, with Parisa Tabriz being titled Google’s Security Princess. Now, Chanel Suggs has been named the Duchess of cyber security, due to her extensive experience, education, certifications, and genius wits in addressing various problems and presenting solutions to any cyber security issue in the marketplace. Chanel said, “The biggest challenges with organizations in regards to cyber security is how to protect critical data from being breached.” According to Chanel, this issue can be solved by installing patches and testing the entire system once a patch has been installed. Most of the time, testing of information systems is only done for the patched areas. Not properly testing the entire system can create opportunities for a breach in which hackers can infiltrate an organization’s IT infrastructure. Some suggestions that can be implemented to reduce the risk of security breaches are: Hire experienced security consultants, who can review the information system and identify issues that might have been missed; Test systems and run routine updates frequently, so any security breaches can be identified early; As an added security measure, perform vulnerability assessments in order to ensure that only approved ports and services are currently running. Conducting vulnerability assessments can also identify rogue systems and patch levels. Chanel helps companies with all of these practices.

Chanel’s company, Wyvern Security LLC, provides professional help to other organizations, using the above practices to keep their information secure. Chanel Suggs is completing her Doctoral degree of Science in Cybersecurity and is graduating this May. Her focus is on using fuzzy logic in order to recover host-based systems subsequent to malware attacks. Chanel has been in the security and IT field for over 15 years, working with various Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco Systems. She is a sought-after thought leader in the Cyber Security industry and will appear as an expert commentator on CNN in London this spring. Chanel stated, as a Cyber Security Expert, “It is important to be well-rounded in security, programming and networking to have an edge in the cyber security industry.”

About Chanel Suggs – The Duchess of Cyber Security
Chanel’s academic education, degrees, and certifications, combined with her vast experience in the industry, enable her to understand her clients’ issues and offer the best possible solutions for their organizations. She is a cyber security expert consultant, authoring two books on the same subject that are predicted to become bestsellers. She founded Wyvern Security LLC to become the market leader in providing top class solutions to combat cyber security hacks. The idea behind Wyvern Security LLC is to educate organizations about cyber security, provide cyber security consultation, and research solutions to stay ahead of data breaches. She presently serves as the CEO and President of Wyvern Security LLC. One of the ways she keeps sharp on the subject of cyber security, despite a very busy schedule being a CEO, is by being an adjunct professor and exam writer. The inspirational role model will soon host a webinar on the topic, “Women in cyber security” for EC – Council University, where she is also an Advisory Board Member.
The details for the webinar can be found here: Security Webinar

She is available for consultation and can be reached chanelsuggs@gmail.com

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