With Spending on Policing Growing Steadily, Online LED Store is Ready to Serve

Company's rugged LED light bars, sirens, and other products are now being used to outfit new police vehicles all across the country, Online LED Store reports

Cities nationwide are spending more on policing than in the past, and Online LED Store is prepared to provide many of the products that new police vehicles need the most. A 2017 U.S. News report detailed how major American cities like Houston, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Oakland have come to routinely spend 35 to 41 percent of their annual budgets on their police departments.

With average rates of spending having grown by 8.6 percent annually over the course of the last few decades, police departments everywhere are looking to buy new Led Lights for cars they are adding to their fleets. As a top source for rugged, reliable Police Lights and Sirens, Online LED Store is well positioned to serve the steadily growing demand from police departments across the country.

"More Americans than ever before live in urban areas, and that has led to corresponding increases in spending on policing," said Online LED Store representative Matt MacLeod. "We founded Online LED Store to enable much-needed new connections between the LED community and people and organizations who benefit from having access to their products. We're proud of how the lights, sirens, and PA systems we sell allow police departments across the country to better safeguard the communities they serve. With spending expected to keep increasing well into the future, we're committed to remaining a reliable, supportive partner for law enforcement organizations and professionals everywhere."

Incidence rates for many types of crimes in most American cities have fallen sharply compared to 30 years ago. All the while, city governments entrusted with keeping citizens safe have been spending steadily more on policing with every passing year.

As a result, police departments now consume a large portion of the average city's annual budget. With cities like Chicago and Oakland spending 39 and 41 percent of their budgets for the 2017 fiscal year on policing, respectively, police departments are more able than in the past to buy the vehicles and equipment they need to carry out their duties most effectively.

Online LED Store has become a leading source for many of the products that are most important to police departments all across the country. High-quality LED lights, sirens, and other products allow police officers to better fight crime and ensure the safety of those they are tasked with protecting. As a top source for Led Light Bars for off-road recreational use and other applications, Online LED Store also has a great deal to offer to civilians.

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