With Rates Low and Sales Slower, The Texas Mortgage Pros Spot Options for Buyers

Slight recent slowdown in Houston-area home sales, even while long-term outlook remains bullish, combines with still-low mortgage rates to create opportunities, The Texas Mortgage Pros report.

With a slight year-over-year sales slowdown setting in, The Texas Mortgage Pros have identified an especially attractive time for would-be home buyers to finally make the move. Houston's economy has proved more resilient than many would expect, with economist Mark Dotzour, formerly of Texas A&M, predicting sustained growth in the housing market over the next five to ten years. The present bit of softness highlighted in recent Houston-area Multiple Listing Service (MLS) monthly reports could therefore be the best chance for a long time to come for buyers to take advantage of lower prices, particularly insofar as mortgage rates remain low. The Texas Mortgage Pros are ready to help, with resources like the one online at http://thetexasmortgagepros.com/fha-loan-requirements/ bringing readers up to speed with FHA loan requirements and other important topics.

"Much of the real estate news in recent times has focused on the red-hot market in North Texas, but there have been plenty of interesting developments in the Houston area, as well," said Texas Mortgage Pros representative Jason Turner, "Experts like Mr. Dotzour see a bright future for home values in and around Houston. The slight slowdown in monthly sales we've experienced in recent months could therefore represent a special opportunity for buyers that will not be seen again for a long time to come. With mortgage rates still low, as well, we encourage anyone interested in buying a home to stop by our website at http://thetexasmortgagepros.com to learn more."

Plummeting petroleum prices have traditionally been bad news for the Houston-area economy, but the local economic machinery has weathered the ongoing downturn better than many had expected. Thanks to increased diversification compared to the past, Houston's economy has remained relatively buoyant even as petroleum prices have dropped and stayed far below their averages of the last decade.

The local real estate market has also remained stronger than might have been the norm in the past. As real estate economist Dotzour pointed out to an assembly of the Greater Houston Builder's Association earlier in the year, inventories have remained at healthy levels, even while sales records were set throughout 2015.

With Houston-area MLS sales reports of the past few months portraying slight sales slowdowns compared to a year earlier, however, The Texas Mortgage Pros have identified an opportune time for buyers to take action. Since the local market is expected to remain bullish for years to come, the present period of relative softening could open up opportunities for buyers that will not be seen again for some time, particularly in light of still-low interest rates.

As one of the state's leading mortgage lenders, Texas Mortgage Pros works with buyers of all situations and goals to arrive at the best possible financing solution for each. Visitors to the Texas Mortgage Pros website can learn about their loan options at http://thetexasmortgagepros.com/loan-options/fha-loans/ and other pages throughout the site.

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