With Proper Care, Natural Stone Countertops Last Years, Unique Vanities Reports

UniqueVanities.com announces natural stone countertops require little maintenance, but proper care techniques must be used for the best results

Natural stone countertops bring beauty and warmth to any area. Owners obtain a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind and one cut to their unique specifications. These countertops remain a great value, as they last a lifetime and require little maintenance. Knowing how to care for natural stone countertops ensures this is the case, and Unique Vanities (https:\/\/www\.uniquevanities\.com\/stone\-countertops\-care\-maintenance\.html) offers helpful information on this topic.

Always used coasters with drinking glasses, especially when consuming citrus juices or alcohol. Etching occurs when glasses containing certain substances rest directly on a natural stone countertop. Never place hot items directly on the surface either, as damage may occur.

China and silver could mar the surface of the countertop and should never be placed on the surface without a placemat underneath them. Always err on the side of caution and put something under an item before setting it on the natural stone countertop as a means of preventing unintentional damage.

Choose cleaning products with care. Only use those products designed specifically for natural stone. Owners must remain careful when cleaning around a natural stone surface as well. Carefully clean the mirror over a marble vanity top, for example, as the glass cleaner may damage the natural stone if allowed to drip.

Clean spills promptly without rubbing. Blot the liquid to prevent damage, and choose the cleaning product carefully. Products that state they are for use with cultured marble should not be used with natural stone, as cultured marble is similar to plastic and withstands harsh chemicals. This isn't the case with natural stone.

Vanities require special care. Clean the top regularly using a soap-free product safe for use with natural stone. Many owners dilute the cleaner with tap water in a 1:1 ratio and find it remains effective. As mentioned above, avoid using regular glass cleaners on mirrors above the vanity, as any overspray could harm the stone countertop.

Use the stone-safe cleaner and water to clean the mirror or rely on rubbing alcohol, as this substance cleans the mirror and won't harm the natural stone. Never use cream or powder cleaner either.

Keep nail polish, perm solution, and other beauty products away from the vanity top. Wet bottles harm the surface, as do glass bottles. Place cosmetic items in a tray with legs or another container, making sure the tray or container has felt tips on the legs to protect the vanity surface.

Add shine to the surface with the help of a stone polish, as this product likewise prevents soiling. Additionally, seal the stone regularly. Sealers don't protect the surface of the natural stone countertop but go below the surface to reduce the natural absorbency of the surface. In the event something spills on the countertop, sealed stone won't absorb as much liquid if any.

With proper care, natural stone countertops beautify the home for years to come. Learn more today about this home improvement project. Many find it is exactly what is needed to transform their home.

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