With Photography Now Ubiquitous, More and More Prefer Old-Fashioned Photo Books

Billions of photographs are now taken every day thanks to smartphone cameras, and more of these images than ever end up in printed, physical photo books, Din Fotobog reports

Move over Instagram, because old-fashioned photo books and albums are coming back. Business is booming at Din Fotobog, where high quality photo books, calendars, and other products can be ordered easily using any PC or Mac.

With billions of camera-equipped smartphones now in circulation worldwide, more photographs than ever before are being taken. Rather than viewing their creations solely in ephemeral form on digital displays, more of these photographers are adding the best of them to physical books, albums, and other solid, long-lasting photographic collections.

A quick visit to dinfotobog.dk is all that it takes to design and order anything from an A4-size hardcover photo book to a photographic calendar that will display special, meaningful images throughout the coming year. Old is gold for the many who are now rediscovering just how satisfying it can be to turn great snapshots into long-lasting, beautiful books and other items.

"Like so many of our customers, we here at Din Fotobog truly enjoy taking pictures and sharing the best of them with loved ones, friends, and others," said Din Fotobog representative Julian Mengers. "There is no better or more impressive way to do so than by creating attractive photo books that put those images on physical, tangible display. Interest in our hardcover and soft-back photo books has been skyrocketing in recent times, and the momentum is still growing. With photography being such an important part of everyday life to so many thanks to digital devices, interest in old-fashioned photo books, albums, calendars, and other printed materials is surging, as well."

Photography of all kinds involves focusing and capturing light reflected from physical objects. The first photographs were produced in the early part of the nineteenth century using devices that took hours to direct enough light onto plates covered with light-sensitive substances like silver iodide.

About a hundred years later, the introduction of mass-market "instant cameras" by companies like Polaroid made photography far more accessible to the average person, since a slow, costly film developing process was no longer required. With modern smartphones virtually all including one or more digital cameras that are capable of capturing high-quality images with millions of pixels of resolution, photography has become a far more integral part of everyday life for billions around the world.

As a result, more people than ever before are also putting together and ordering physical photo books from sources like dinfotobog.dk. While sharing photos online will undoubtedly remain a popular option, appreciation for the presence and substance of photographs printed on high-quality stock is only growing.

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Making it easy and affordable to turn digital pictures into beautiful, CO2-neutral photo books, calendars, and other high quality printed items, Din Fotobog provides full support for PC and Mac systems.

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