With Markets in Turmoil, Money Morning Gives Individual Investors a Boost

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Site's recent articles aim at helping small investors secure returns through the volatility of 2016, Money Morning reports

Amid major global equity market shakeups, Money Morning has just issued some new advice for the many investors desperate for safety and returns. Even with pessimism about the Chinese economy and the prospects of the top American tech companies growing, new articles at MoneyMorning.com detail why investors might give Alibaba and Facebook another look. Another recent guide describes how individual investors who ask themselves "should I buy penny stocks in 2016?" can greatly improve their chances of lining up rewarding trades. With an industry-leading team of editors, investment strategists, and authors, Money Morning helps the small investor plot a course toward financial freedom in the new global economy.

"The new year has already delivered plenty of excitement for those who follow financial markets," Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald said, "While most of it has been of a markedly negative sort, the fact is that recent corrections open up new opportunities for the investors who are ready to seize them. We've just taken a look at why Facebook will make for a strong investment even as fb stock has declined by over 4%, for example. Another new article provides some similar analysis for Alibaba, a company whose rebound seems durable even in the face of economic troubles in China."

With the broader Chinese economy having showed signs of a weakening for many months beforehand, equity markets throughout Asia were hammered by related sell-offs as the first week of the new trading year began. On Jan. 6, so-called "circuit breakers" established by the China Securities Regulatory Commission shut down trading on the Shanghai Stock Exchange as indexes plunged by seven percent in minutes, with the same thing happening the following day.

Although the CSRC has since removed these emergency measures and markets responded by recovering some of what they had lost, these developments have already impacted investors around the world. With what many are projecting to be a new era of volatility to come, individual investors are seeking out ways of navigating what looks certain to be a difficult environment in 2016.

As a leading source of investment news, analysis, and advice, Money Morning thrives in such situations. Guided by a team of veteran investment strategists and analysts, many with three decades or more of experience in their fields, Money Morning consistently helps investors understand the markets and identify the best opportunities within them.

With 2016 off to what many consider an intimidating start, Money Morning has just published a number of new articles that investors of all levels and goals will find useful. The site's new looks at the prospects for popular stocks Facebook and Alibaba flesh out the conventional wisdom in what are likely to be profitable ways, while a new guide to trading penny stocks in 2016 will illuminate a field that remains mysterious to many. With these and other new resources now available at the Money Morning website, investors looking for guidance through the challenging times of today will do well to stop by.

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