With Demand Rising, More Homeowners are Finding Trusted Electricians Online

Even as Canada faces a shortage of qualified electricians, homeowners are discovering how the right online service can help them find a pre-screened, trustworthy contractor, RenovationFind reports

Demand for electricians is growing rapidly across North America, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a 14 percent jump in jobs over the course of the next decade. In some cases, a corresponding trend to the north can leave an opening for fly-by-night contractors to take advantage of Canadian homeowners.

Fortunately, those who are intent on finding qualified, certified electrical contractors now have some powerful tools to rely upon, and many more are doing so. As an online directory that screens and lists only the best contractors across Canada, RenovationFind helps ensure that the safety or quality of ever-important electrical work will never be compromised. As a look at city-specific pages like https://www.renovationfind.com/ab/edmonton/electricians will show, finding a trustworthy, honest, capable electrician or other contractor anywhere in Canada has become far easier than in the past.

"Convenient, reliable access to electricity is a basic requirement of modern life, but shoddy electrical work can threaten a home and its residents," said RenovationFind founder Keith Riley. "With so much demand for their services nowadays, too many electricians cut corners or are simply not qualified to carry out the work entrusted to them. RenovationFind was created to ensure that no Canadian homeowner would ever have to call upon a fly-by-night electrician or other contractor. We're happy to report that more people than ever before are now finding the trusted assistance they need online."

In a 2016 publication titled "20/20 Vision: The Future of the Canadian Electrical Contractor," Electro-Federation Canada reported that nearly seven in ten electricians in Canada were 46 years of age or older. With a mere six percent being under 30, active electrical contractors in Canada are certain to face steadily increasing demand as older professionals retire without being replaced.

Given that demand for qualified, trustworthy electricians is already high relative to the number who are available, this trend could contribute to even more Canadian homeowners being taken advantage of by unqualified contractors. As more homeowners make use of services like RenovationFind, however, this potentially danger is being defused.

Instead, an increasing number of homeowners are discovering that a single visit to the right site online can assure them of being able to find and work with an electrician or other contractor who is worthy of their business and trust. Visitors to the RenovationFind website can find pre-screened contractors of their own and read informative, exclusive features like Q&A WITH AN EDMONTON MASTER ELECTRICIAN and ELECTRICAL WORK IS NOT FOR DO-IT-YOURSELFERS.

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