With Cyber Attacks On The Rise, New NetWize Report Highlights A Way To Stay Safe

Criminals find and exploit IT weaknesses more quickly than ever before, but new report shows how managed services can help businesses remain secure, NetWize reports

NetWize published a new report detailing how managed information technology (IT) services can help shore up cyber security for businesses in Utah and elsewhere. With the average attack last year costing the victim nearly $1 million to clean up and doing a similar amount of damage through disruption of operations, staying secure has never been more important. As a leading provider of Managed IT Services in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah, NetWize helps protect clients against attacks by keeping up proactively with maintenance, updates, and around-the-clock monitoring. The new report is available now at the NetWize website, where visitors can learn more about the company's full range of services.

"Cyber criminals are only becoming more determined and resourceful, so 2017 will almost certainly be the most dangerous year yet when it comes to digital attackers," said NetWize President Todd Winzenried, "Unfortunately, many businesses in Utah today unwittingly set themselves up to be soft, tempting targets. Given only the slightest bit of IT weakness to exploit, today's cyber criminals can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of damage. Our new report looks at a better option that can allow companies in Salt Lake City and Utah to focus confidently on the things at which they excel."

A recent Small Business Trends survey found that 55 percent of responding organizations had succumbed to a digital attack at least once between last year and the preceding one. From denial of service attacks that leave customers unable to access websites to all-out breaches that put confidential data at risk, cyber attackers have become more active and effective with every recent year. Last year alone, for example, cyber criminals extorted over $1 billion worldwide using malware that encrypts important files until a ransom is paid. With the rewards for such illicit work climbing steadily, experts expect 2017 to set even more new records of these unfortunate sorts.

As a full-service IT provider working with Utah-based companies of all sizes, NetWize is well positioned to help with problems of these kinds and others. The company's managed IT services replace what might otherwise be vulnerable, internally managed alternatives, providing the kind of security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness that only a dedicated, highly experienced specialist can offer.

The new report at the NetWize website details how appropriate use of managed IT services can help small- and medium-sized companies secure themselves against cyber-criminals. From public or private cloud services for enterprises in Salt Lake City to help with Computer Networking for Small Businesses in Provo, NetWize offers a full range of IT solutions that effectively address the real, demonstrated needs of clients.

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