With Allergy Season Coming, Allergy Sufferers Are Scrambling For Prevention

When pollen arrives, everyone can breathe easier with the Eco Maxx air filter.

Eco-Maxx Cabin Air Filters Launched With Activated Carbon Filtration System Designed for the Automotive Industry

Advanced Textiles, LLC launches the Eco-Maxx Cabin Filter, a new washable, reusable filter option that lasts for the life of a vehicle. With a marketplace first, once again, the innovative company proves cutting edge in the business of highly efficient, green, and cost-effective air purification.

Launched to make conventional pleated paper car filters a thing of the past, the Eco-Maxx Cabin Air Filter makes its way to a ready marketplace. Bolstering good health in an increasingly harmful environment, Advanced Textiles is again the industry leader in promoting allergy and asthma friendly products, while offering a washable eco-friendly reusable option. The newest approach to automobile cabin air filters, employs the industry standout, PollenTec, a high-tech spun polyester that filters out 98% of airborne pollens. Offering the consumer 3 configuration options, the Eco-Maxx Plus Carbon filter, also prevents unpleasant orders and harmful gases such as hydrocarbons and ozone from entering the car’s passenger cabin.

So how is the company giving car drivers the cleanest ride possible? They’ve sewn together the marketplace winner PollenTec, with the antimicrobial fabric Poly-Flo. With the added optional layer of poly sorb activated carbon, the result is a filter with a unique multi layered design. Eco-Maxx not only enhances airflow with an electrostatically charged filtration material, but adds an antimicrobial, and a dense optional odor absorbing activated carbon layer for unequalled performance.

Most Eco-Maxx filters offer a two piece injection molded frame that snaps together. This frame and the filter layers can be easily separated into individual components for maximum cleaning efficiency. An easy use pull tab has been added to insure easy installation and removal.

The Eco-Maxx Cabin Air Filter is truly the best filter on the market. It is highly efficient, washable, reusable and therefore an environmentally friendly alternative to paper filters. Guaranteed for the life of the vehicle, makes it cost effective. This filter can truly be called a radical shift in filter technology.

Paul Honnen, CEO & Founder of Advanced Textiles, LLC said of the launch, “We guarantee that a consumer can buy the Eco-Maxx once and it will last as long as their car does. We couldn’t be happier with how the Eco Maxx Filter performs, currently available for 230 different model cars and will be adding more sizes soon.”

A quick success upon their launch in 2008, Advanced Textiles, LLC originally developed their PollenTec product as a filtering screen material used for windows and doors. Within a year of their launch the company used PollenTec in the development of washable home air filter. The success of this product gave rise in 2012 to the company’s first fan filter, the Fan Buddy. Now sold worldwide, to date, PollenTec fan filters are available for over twenty different types of fans.

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About Advanced Textiles, LLC:

Advanced Textiles, LLC is the manufacturers of PollenTec. Launched in 2008 with great success, PollenTec won the 2009 Crystal Achievement Award from Window and Door magazine for the Most Innovative Window Component. The product is Certified and was hospital clean room tested by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). The company moved their manufacturing back to the U.S. in March 2016.

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