With a 40%drop in electricity prices, BitFuFu launches wet season plans, setting off a mining spree at RMB 0.25/kWh

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BitFuFu, the world's first hashrate standardization mining platform invested by mining giant Bitman…

As the 2021 wet season approaches as scheduled, the mining community is about to usher in a summer carnival. Like the ducks that are the first to know when theriver water turns warm in the spring, BitFuFu, the world's first hashrate standardization mining platform invested by mining giant Bitman, grandly launched wet season plans on May 18. BitFuFu takes the lead in bringing the electricity price down to RMB 0.25/kWh, a 40% decrease, allowing ordinary users to enjoy the ultra-low electricity pricethatbig mines could only get, and share in the rewards of the wet season.

Electricity prices return to the RMB 0.25/kWh range, down 40%
As we all know, the electricity fee is one of the main costs for mining. In the case of BitFuFu's hashrate products, the electricity fee accounts for about 20% of costs. The level of the electricity price directly determines the amount of revenue. When the cryptocurrency price drops, small and medium miners who cannot get the preferential electricity pricing are forcedtodiscontinue mining. Wet season usually ranges from May to October. For this reason, BitFuFu has launched 120-day and 180-day wet season plans for 30, 40 and 50 series, respectively. The electricity price is reduced by 40% during the wet season, falling to as low as RMB 0.25/kWh, bringing the electricity costdown by 40%.

Take the 30-series 180-day plan as an example: The electricity price was originally US$0.0462/T/day, but the electricity price for thewet season plan is US$0.0277/T/day, only 60% of the original electricity price.

BitFuFu can obtain the most favorable electricity price for users due to its large-scale bargaining power, providing users with a wet season electricity price lower than the industry level and takingthe lead in the industry to bringthe electricity price downto RMB 0.25/kWh.

No fear of the rising hashrate due to very low risk
It was reported that BitFuFu's wet season plan has ultra-high risk resistance capabilities. Take the 50-series 120-day plan for example: According to the current entire network hashrate data of btc.com and the currency price data of QKL123, even if the currency price drops to US$36,000 or the entire network hashrate rises by 25%, the plan can still cover the mining costs and earn some revenue, maximizingthe revenue of miners.

Professional team providing top-level services
BitFuFu was launched on December 15, 2020. Thanks to its professional team, BitFuFu can quickly provide users with lower-than-industry-level preferential electricity prices. The founders of BitFuFu are from Bitman and BitDeer, and possess extensive industry experience and resources. On February 22, BitFuFu and Bitman reached strategic partnership to implement in-depth cooperation in miners, pools and other aspects. BitFuFu received a strategic investment from Bitmanon April 7, further enhancing its funds and resources, allowing BitFuFu to quickly integrate a large amount of resources, deploy mines in Southwest China in advance and take the lead in launching wet season plans with low electricity prices, so users can promptly enjoy wet season dividends.

Currently, BitFuFu has launched a joint login with Bitman’s ANTPOOL, so users can access both platforms with just one account.

The world's first hashrate standardization mining platform, BitFuFu creatively packs multiple models through hashrate splitting and intelligent scheduling to provide users with standardized hashrate services and reduce their learning costs and mining thresholds. Its 30/40/50 series plans comprehensively cover 7nm flagship models, 7nm mainstream models and mature models in the market. The 30 series covers Ant S19Pro, Ant S19 and other flagship models, givingusers the freedom to choose. Moreover, the plan duration also includes multiple periods ranging from 50 to 360 days, withshort durations and flexible deadlines. Users can purchase a plan as low as 10T, so the mining cost is low.

With the Bitcoin strongly rising and the wet season approaching, BitFuFu is ready to welcome the summer of the mining industry and share in the rewards alongside its users.

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