Winward Engineering Celebrates Seventieth Anniversary of Incorporation

Family-run metalworking company's heritage shows in its deep commitment to quality work, whether of traditional, manual kind or employing cutting-edge technology, Winward reports

Winward Engineering Ltd., an ISO 9001:2008 certified metal spinning and machining specialist, will celebrate in 2016 the seventieth anniversary of the company's incorporation. Established as a corporation in 1946 by Charles Winkless and partner David Ward, Winward has been a fixture of the United Kingdom's engineering industry ever since. Even while evolving through countless changes in the intervening years, Winward has consistently upheld the principles that helped the young company take root and grow, with the third generation of the Winkless family now leading it as Managing and Works Directors.

"As we move into 2016, we are happy to note the arrival of Windward's seventieth year as a corporation," Winward Works Director Cameron Winkless said, "When my grandfather and his brother-in-law incorporated Winward in 1946, they could hardly have imagined the amazing things to come. We still employ many of the same metal spinning techniques that were used when Winward first opened its doors, right alongside the most modern approaches to metalworking. We also still work hard to maintain the quality and reliability of service that have been hallmarks of Winward ever since the beginning."

As World War II wound down, many young people in the United Kingdom looked forward to getting their starts in peacetime life, often seeking to make profitable use of skills they had obtained to support the war effort. With wartime training in tool-making and metal spinning, respectively, Charles Winkless and David Ward set up a small metalworking shop in 1944, incorporating it in 1946 as "Winward Engineering Ltd.," with the neologism springing from the first parts of their last names.

Although co-founder David Ward passed away in 1955, Charles Winkless continued to lead the company until 2002, retiring at 87 years of age alongside daughter Valerie Ward, who had served for many years as Financial Director. Winkless was succeeded by his son Paul, with the present Directors Chris and Cameron Winkless stepping in when their father passed away in 2011.

Throughout the many years of Winward's existence, the company has consistently evolved with the times while always maintaining a consistently exemplary level of service. Working with clients in a wide range of industries, Winward experts offer services ranging from hand-guided or CNC-assisted metal spinning to powder coating, metal cutting, welding, and pressing. Winward metal spinning specialists still make regular use of many of the careful, manual techniques that were so important to the company in its early days, while also employing the latest in technology where it is called for.

About Winward Engineering, Ltd.:
With top-quality metal spinning, pressing, cutting, powder coating and related services, Winward Engineering has been one of the United Kingdom's top metalworking companies for seventy years.

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