Winter Weather Brings Commercial Sweeping Services in VA

Winter wind and rain have made a mess of the roads and parking lots of the Capital Corridor during the Christmas shopping season. Atlantic S&C is responding with commercial sweeping services in VA and MD.

Winter weather conditions have littered the roads and parking lots of Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland with ice and snow, as well as fallen branches and what's left of the local foliage, which has created a demand for commercial sweeping services in VA and the surrounding areas. Atlantic S&C, the local leader in lot sweeping, litter abatement and road surface maintenance, has responded to the demand by making its crews available throughout the cold-weather season.

The area around the District of Columbia gets the full range of weather throughout the year. Spring brings rapid growth of grass, trees and weeds, while hot, humid summers encourage their growth with abundant sun and frequent rain showers. In fall, when the leaves turn and fall, road surfaces and parking lots all over the tri-state region are frequently covered with rapidly decaying green waste that can clog gutters and cause runoff problems if not quickly cleared away. In winter, however, the heavy ice and snow, along with occasional messy sleet storms, can turn any uncollected green waste into a serious hazard to vehicle and foot traffic. Ice alone is potentially dangerous, but when a layer of frost forms over leaf litter, pedestrians walking across a commercial parking lot are much more likely to slip and fall, just as the same neglected surface can create a skid hazard in a retail parking lot. Coming as it does just before the busiest shopping days of the year, this creates an intolerable situation for most local businesses.

To avoid this problem altogether, many commercial lot owners are turning to commercial sweeping services in VA and MD. Commercial sweeping entails dispatching a crew with the truck and specialized equipment necessary to clear a lot, then canvassing the entire property to shovel up, sweep aside and pressure-wash down the mud, leaves, sticks and twigs, fallen branches and general grime the holiday season tends to let accumulate on a property.

Sweeping crews also pick up litter and clear out the illegally dumped trash that may have accumulated on the property since the last service. Finally, the entire lot is given a powerful pressure wash that blasts out the deposits of oil and grease that could otherwise form patches of black ice under a deceptively fresh layer of snow.

Atlantic S&C performs all of these tasks for its commercial and municipal clients, as well as line striping and other restoration jobs when the spring comes and lot owners look to improving the general appearance of their property.

Booking commercial sweeping services in VA and MD starts with a free, no-obligation consultation, followed by scheduling an appointment at the convenience of the lot owner. Between the pickup, sweeping and restoration services offered, Atlantic S&C is committed to making this holiday season a safe one for all residents of the capital corridor.

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