Wings Mobile is all set to launch the worlds first smartphone that mines ethereum at 1000Mh/s

Wings Mobile is a joint venture of Antonio Milio, who is the CEO & Co-Founder of Wings Mobile; and Daniele Bianchini, the Chairman & Co-Founder of Wings Mobile.

Spanish virtual mobile operator, Wing Mobile announces the release of the futuristic smartphones that incorporate the proprietary technology and offers absolute security by 25th-29 February of 2019 during the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona.

The Wings Mobile also has its hands on a technologically specialized start-up “Neobit” that is designed for the protocols and new cryptographic extraction technologies that are based on the blockchain.

Announcing the Launch of the Wings WX

During the Mobile World Conference that is going to be held by next year, the Wings Mobile will launch their first ever smartphone called “Wings WX”, which is a MinePhone and produces Ethereum using the POD technology that can mine up to 1000 Mega Hash potentially.

“The Wing WX is a groundbreaking MinePhone in this era of blockchain technology. It allows the miner to mine up to two Ethereum per month depending on the model chosen. It is the only mobile phone to date that incorporates a special software that allows the phone to produce Ethereum, which is the second most used cryptocurrency across the world”, states the CEO and Co-Founder of Wings Mobile.

Further delineating this innovative smartphone, Milinio says that the Wings WX is not confined to mining cryptocurrency and can also be used for other functions like calling, texting, surfing, chatting etc.

The Wings WX is connected to a smart contract and receives rewards on a daily basis based on the mining power contracted previously. Depending on the hours of connection, Ethereum is deposited to the user’s wallet directly. This is done by making use of the Doppler Data Rate protocol (DDR); while the POD is the one responsible for the generation of coins for the user. Thus, this is the only system available and capable to mine Ethereum for and by the user, claims the CEO of Wings Mobile.

Specifications of the Innovative Device

“Wings WX is an advanced technology based innovation for mining up ethereum yet using it as a usual smartphone,” said Daniele Bianchini, the Chairman and Co-Founder of Wings Mobile deriving such specifications.

Wings WX can be used like any other smartphone along with mining Ethereum. It is manufactured using first quality and recyclable materials that come with the latest and advanced technology. Glass and Aluminium are used to give the mobile phone an elegant and sophisticated look, while also making it durable.

A MediaTek Helio P60 Neuro Pilot 8-core chip is mounted on the device for optimal performance in all the mining functions. The latest generation software allows a smooth and normal functioning of the smartphone and allows making calls, sending and receiving texts, surfing on the web, and everything else in a secure way.

Talking about its technical specifications, it comes with 8 Gb of RAM and 128 Gb of ROM, boasts battery power of 600 hours on standby and weighs about 168 gm. The camera is also excellent; a double camera of 24+16mp is combined to give a 98Mpx image quality.

Other characteristics that the mobile possesses is a fingerprint sensor, excellent exterior design, 6.2-inch screen size, a resolution of 1920x1080, and the fast charge technology that charges the smartphone in just 45 minutes.

Limited Edition Availability

Wings WX is currently being produced as a limited-edition smartphone, and hence, only 40000 units will be available in the first edition. Since this is the launch edition of the phone, a special price of 6000 BTW is exclusively numbered for participants of the ICO BITWINGS.

This technological portent device is open for reservations and can only be booked only with the Wings own crytpomoneda called Bitwings,; and on their own website,

Contact Info:
Name: Domenico Cantone
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Organization: Wings Mobile Telecom SL
Address: C/ Beethoven 15 piso 4, 08028 Barcelona - Spain
Phone: +393408459649

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