William Bronchick Offers Success Strategies for Financially-Constrained Aspiring Investors

William Bronchick emphasizes a distinction he routinely makes between two types of quick-sale real estate investors.

Generating a consistent cash flow through real estate investment is a concept many are interested in, but a large portion are detoured from the idea when considering their current resources. This stems from the belief that a solid amount of personal capital is required before getting started, harkening back to the old adage of “it takes money to make money.” Although not widely know, there are in fact several ways one can begin to see profits from various types of properties -- sometimes without fronting a dime of their own. Attorney and renown real estate expert William Bronchick discusses a two of the most effective strategies he recommends to would-be investors looking to begin with minimal or nonexistent funds.

When it comes to the subject of first getting into the property business, the possibility of avoiding upfront payments is an alluring one. “No money down is one of the most talked about topics in real estate investing,” writes Washington Post contributor Justin Pierce. “Buying real estate with nothing out of pocket is very possible. Money is still required, but other people’s finances are used rather than your own.” William Bronchick emphasizes a distinction he routinely makes between two types of quick-sale real estate investors to illustrate this notion. Retailers are those that purchase properties in full, and then quickly resell for a fast profit. In contrast, dealers acquire and sell the actual contracts instead. This can be done by locating bargain properties, and signing purchase contracts with their sellers. Dealers then turn around and sell them to retailers, acquiring a profit during a process known as “assignment of contract.” This is often completed without any significant funds required beforehand.

A lesser-known, yet lucrative method centers around earning money from valuable realty data. Often referred to as “scouting,” the process involves the gathering of insightful information about distressed properties with high return potential, and then selling it to interested parties who may want to buy, reaping the profits for themselves. Scouts essentially handle the groundwork and reconnaissance for active real estate investors, which can earn a significant amount when done on a regular basis. Some of the more notable research sought includes the owner’s name and a way to reach them, the desired price, whether or not mortgage payments are current, outstanding liens, and photos of the building or home. Relevant personal factors behind the owner’s decision to sell can be considered even more valuable at times, such as any ongoing litigation, divorce proceedings, foreclosure, or a looming job transfer. Eventually, a scout can save up their earnings to formally enter real estate investing themselves, while still using the skills they’ve honed prior.

William Bronchick is a nationally-known attorney, entrepreneur, and public speaker based in Denver, Colorado. Using over two decades of experience in both law and investing, he has helped countless individuals achieve financial success, often speaking to thousands of attendees at large events that have also featured names such as Rudy Giuliani, Steve Forbes, and Colin Powell. An accomplished author, William’s best-selling book, “Flipping Properties”, earned a spot in the top ten best real estate books of the year by the Chicago Tribune. The co-founder and former President of the Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors, William devotes a substantial part of his time running LegalWiz.com, an exhaustive resource website for both entrepreneurs and real estate professionals.

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