Who Let the Crypto Cats Out of the Lab? Monsta Cats NFT Hide all Around New York

Anonymous eyewitnesses started reporting multiple "weird cat" sightings in New York City. Find a Monsta Cat today for a chance to win 0.04 ETH before the collection is available on December 1.

Are you ready to rescue a Monsta Cat? Monsta Cats is a new collection about to make a splash in the NFT world through a one-of-a-kind guerrilla marketing Treasure Hunt campaign in the streets of New York City. The Monsta Cat collection officially launches on December 1, 2021. New York City residents and visitors can jump into the action today by scowering the Big Apple for more than 99 "Missing Cat" posters. Those who find a poster and tweet a photo to @Monsta_Cats get a chance to win 0.04 ETH.

Monsta Cats is one of the first NFT projects to bring the digital world into the real world and is all about building a community. Monsta Cats admins are using an exciting backstory and promotional tactic to bring the project forward. Monsta Cats is for those who seek a ridiculously easy entry to the NFT market.

The Monsta Cat Story:

Rumors lead to believe that Paw-X Laboratories, a secret facility located somewhere in North America, ran dangerous animal experiments for over a decade. Last month, the internet blew up with leaked photos illustrating monstrous cats. Some Discord groups tend to believe that an experiment went terribly wrong, and Patient #1837 was accidentally infected with an unknown chemical, contaminating all 9.999 other innocent hosts. That's how Monsta Cats were born - a collection of cute cats that gained monster-like features banded together and escaped the laboratory. Anonymous eyewitnesses started reporting multiple "weird cat" sightings. Contrary to media belief, the cats seem peaceful. Paw-X Laboratories' desperate recovery efforts forced the Monsta Cats into hiding. They are scared and are looking for a warm home. Don't let the lab find them!

NFT stands for non-fungible token. They are unique tokens that represent a specific asset or goods, especially digital art and collectibles. Unlike bitcoins and other crypto coins, NFT's can't be inter-changed or replaced with identical tokens. Each NFT is truly unique.

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