White Mountain Process Mounts Educational Campaign Directed at Bio-Pharma Firms

Valuable advice about conforming to cGMP regulations will help many in industry.

Industrial mixer producer White Mountain Process today announced the initiation of a new campaign aimed at teaching bio-pharmaceutical firms to effectively and efficiently conform to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice--or cGMP--regulations affecting their industry. Drafted and enforced by the United States Food and Drug Administration, these rules are designed to protect the users of bio-pharmaceutical products by ensuring that the products were manufactured in the safest and most reliable ways possible. With many years of experience designing and producing the mixing equipment that is often of central importance to the bio-pharmaceutical pipeline, White Mountain Process is especially well-positioned to offer its customers advice as to how to conform to these complex regulations.

White Mountain Process sanitary mixers are among the most reliable and efficient available, and a large number of companies in the bio-pharmaceutical sector rely on these devices in order to mix solutions and protein batches. Capable of being easily sterilized sufficiently to meet the most stringent regulations, these mixers are regularly shipped to clients all over the world who demand the highest levels of sanitation and sterility. In addition, they provide industry-leading levels of service reliability, a key trait when the breakdown of a single critical mixer can bring expensive production processes to a halt.

"Here at White Mountain Process," company representative Kelly Nashawaty said, "we have many years of experience designing and producing mixers for the most demanding of applications. Given this, we are happy to be able to help bio-pharmaceutical companies pick the perfect sanitary mixers for their needs." Since the development of synthetic human insulin around 25 years ago, an advancement which soon obsoleted the usage of pig-derived insulin for diabetic therapy, various protein-based therapies have been of increasing interest to those in the bio-pharmaceutical sector. The delicate processes needed to create stable, efficacious proteins require the highest-quality equipment possible, and White Mountain Process is one of the premier producers of such tools.

The company's range of products extends to those of use in many other industries, as well. White Mountain Process tote mixers, for example, are widely used by a variety of industrial chemical and paint producers and consumers around the world. Its current campaign to educate those in the bio-pharmaceutical industry about the possibilities its products present occurs at a time when the company has reached new heights of market success and recognition. Prospective customers and others can read more about the company's products and initiatives at http://wmprocess.com/mixing-tanks.

About White Mountain Process:
A leader in the industrial mixing sector, White Mountain Process produces equipment suited for a broad range of purposes. Its standard products are in reliable service at a large number of industrial, pharmaceutical and other locations around the world, and it offers consulting services and custom-designed mixers to clients the world over, as well.

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