White Mountain Process Launches Specialized New Sanitary Mixing Equipment Site

New website provides an in-depth look at an especially important style of mixing equipment for today's clients, will receive regular updates, White Mountain Process reports

White Mountain Process announced the launch of the company's new site focusing on sanitary mixers and their applications. As a leading designer, producer, and supplier of mixing and blending equipment, White Mountain Process serves many customers in industries like pharmaceutical and food production where sanitation issues are of critical concern. The specialized new site will give those in these industries and others a single, convenient destination where they can learn about mixing equipment that is designed to live up to these responsibilities.

"We are excited to report that our new site centering on sanitary mixing equipment has launched and is now serving visitors," White Mountain Process representative Kelly Nashawaty said, "We put a lot of work into this project to ensure that it will be a valuable, high-quality resource for those who make use of it."

With a world-class engineering team that focuses on designing mixing and blending equipment for a variety of demanding applications, White Mountain Process has become one of the industry's clear leaders. In recent years, a number of factors have contributed to an increased overall demand for mixing equipment that is specialized to allow for highly sanitary, contamination-resistant operation, and White Mountain Process has risen eagerly to this challenge as an organization.

Today, the company's sanitary mixers are some of the most capable and highly regarded on the market. Clients in the bio-pharmaceutical industry, for example, regularly look to White Mountain Process for products and expertise that will allow them to deal with the demanding research and production requirements of that industry. When even trace amounts of contamination could ruin the results of a research foray or an entire production run, mixing equipment that provides reliable, high-capacity service while precluding the possibility of such incidents is an important requirement, and White Mountain Process has become known as one of the companies most capable of delivering.

The new, specialized site focusing on sanitary mixing equipment is a product of White Mountain Process's commitment to finding new ways to serve its customers at an even higher level. The new site includes a number of informative articles centering on sanitary mixing equipment and will serve as a valuable resource for those looking to learn more about the subject and the available options.

A tri clamp mixer guide that was just published there, for example, describes the characteristics and uses of a specialized style of equipment that is often deployed in environments where contamination is of the utmost concern, such as in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. A number of other articles and guides on the new site focus on other kinds of mixers and different subjects related to sanitary mixing in general, from closed-top and bottom-entry mixers on the one hand to cGMP and USP VI compliance on the other.

The new sanitary mixer site will be updated on an ongoing basis. It includes a convenient contact form that visitors can use to ask questions of or arrange consultations with White Mountain Process representatives. Further information about the company's products and services can be found at the main White Mountain Process website.

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