White Card Online Lifts The Bar on Online Assessments

White Card Online today implemented an upgrade to their assessment process for the CPCCOHS1001A ‘Work safely in the construction industry’ online course which includes 15 short answer questions, and also verbal questions by phone interview.

White Card Online, one of Australia's leading online compliance training RTO's today implemented an upgrade to their assessment process for the CPCCOHS1001A ‘Work safely in the construction industry’ online course.

The new assessment process includes 15 new short answer questions, and also verbal questions by phone interview to assess the trainee's ability to "verbally report construction site hazards and risks. These new aspects to the assessment process are in addition to the 39 multiple choice questions in the previous course."

Director of the course's parent company Urban eLearning, Peter Cutforth said today: "We believe this improvement takes our course to an industry-leading new level amongst our peers of high profile White Card providers online, and sets a new benchmark and yardstick against which other online providers of the construction induction card must now be assessed."

"The governing body for RTO's in Australia, "ASQA" has recently been looking closely at the quality of the assessment processes for this qualification, through a "Strategic Review" process." Cutforth said, "Urban eLearning is taking an important step, in lifting the bar within the industry".

The required Skills and Knowledge for the CPCCOHS1001A White Card course were amended in 2012 through the course documentation released by the Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council. Amongst other requirements the new Required Skills and Knowledge include:

- communication skills to clarify OHS Legislative requirements
- verbally reporting construction hazards and risks
- asking effective questions
- relaying information to others
- explaining OHS legislative requirements
- explaining the meaning of safety signs and symbols, and
- discussing basic principles of risk management

"White Card Online's short answer assessments are designed to go beyond just knowledge..." said Cutforth, "...to actually assess the trainee's skill in applying that knowledge to real scenarios and situations likely to be encountered on a real construction site. Each trainee's individual responses are assessed by one of our RTO's certified trainers and often trainees will be required to further discuss their answers to satisfy our assessor that the required competency has been demonstrated.

"We are confident we have implemented an efficient process which still upholds one of our core values of providing our trainees with their White Card in as efficient and convenient manner as possible while still adhering to the important requirements mandated by government for student ID verification and confirmation."

Urban eLearning anticipates further enhancements to its online programs as part of the company's commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Urban eLearning has run the White Card Online course since 2009, providing more accessible, convenient and economical training to thousands of Australians, especially in regional areas.

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