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Which Way To Pay compares and reviews various financial products, like payday loans helping to educate consumers.

According to Consumer Focus estimates, 1.2 million consumers in the United Kingdom turned to payday loans in 2009, the latest year estimates are available for. The Office of Fair Trading formally reviewed this industry also and found that £900 million was taken out in payday loans in 2008 with an estimated £1.8 billion being lent to consumers in 2012.

"Consumers in need of cash fast turn to Which Way To Pay to find the best deal on a wide range of financial products online, including payday loans, as the site offers an independent comparison and reviews on a number of products in one convenient place," Mark Maffia of Which Way To Pay declares.

Payday loans offer consumers a quick and easy way to obtain cash in a very short period of time. Financial emergencies come about for a number of reasons, including a medical crisis, transportation issues and household disasters. "Payday lenders typically don't require a credit check, making this a good option for those with bad credit or no credit, a sector of the marketplace often overlooked by traditional lenders," Maffia explains.

When choosing a payday lender, consumers must take care to ensure they get a fair deal. Payday lenders charge higher interest rates than seen with traditional lenders as they take on more risk by not requiring a credit check. "Responsible consumers need to shop around to find a reasonable APR and terms that can easily be met and this is where the comparison chart available at Which Way To Pay (www.whichwaytopay.com/compare-fast-payday-loans-summary.asp) becomes of great help," Maffia continues.

This comparison charts covers the APR offered by various lenders, the minimum and maximum term, the features of the loans, whether or not ID is required and who the product is suitable for. Consumers see any restrictions put into place by a lender and can quickly learn more about each lender, including the advantages and disadvantages of each financial provider.

"Time is typically of the essence when one goes to apply for a payday loan and lenders realize this, with some choosing to take advantage of those in desperate financial need. Which Way To Pay gives consumers an easy way to evaluate a number of payday lenders in a very short period of time so an informed decision can be made about which provider to use. Before you go to obtain a payday loan or any financial product, be sure to stop by Which Way To Pay to ensure you get the best deal possible," Maffia exclaims.

About Which Way To Pay:
Which Way To Pay offers independent reviews and a comparison of various financial products, providing consumers with unbiased information about these products. The website strives to save consumers money when purchasing financial products online. From credit cards and trading platforms to travel FX cars and payday loans, Which Way To Pay remains the only site consumers need when making financial decisions.

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