Wheel and Anchor Launches Curated Tour and Travel Experiences to Clients

Experience travel unlike ever before thanks to the amazing curated tours offered by WheelAndAnchor.ca

The 2018 travel trends have shown that the new demand of travelers is personalized experiences. In fact, 57 percent of all travelers believe that brands should tailor their information based on their past behaviors and personal preferences.

To help meet this new trend and need in the travel industry, Wheel and Anchor offers curated travel and tour experiences for clients. These clients provide custom travel experiences that exceed the expectations of most clients, allowing them to enjoy their destinations more than ever before.

“At Wheel and Anchor, travel is about much more than just moving around,” stated Wheel and Anchor spokesperson Joel Curry. “Travel should be about taking your time to stop and really experience the places you are traveling to and getting to know the people who live there. We will help you have this experience with our unique, curated travel experiences.”

Each program offered by https://www.wheelandanchor.ca/tours_events/ are curated and designed based on the interests our members have. The company focuses on helping you experience a trip where you stay a few nights in certain places instead of bouncing around and trying to see them all. With this curated experience, travelers have the ability to slow down and take in all the destination in front of them has to offer.

“In addition to offering curated travel experiences, we also help travelers connect with others who are exploring the world and all it has to offer,” continued Curry. “We invite our users to remain inspired and find new travel destinations by viewing our videos, reading our stories and more. We even offer those who sign up an opportunity to receive a free crossword book and an invitation to the private Wheel and Anchor Facebook group.”

Additional information about the services and community offered by Wheel and Anchor can be found by visiting the company’s website at https://www.wheelandanchor.ca/about-us/.


Wheel and Anchor is all about helping travelers live in the moment. Unlike the regular tour companies where the crowds are huge, and the schedule is strict, with Wheel and Anchor, travelers receive a curated experience that is crafted by professional travel experts who have traveled all around the globe. The company handles everything, including activities, accommodations, timetables, and flights. This allows travelers to have an amazing experience and enjoy all that the location they are visiting has to offer.

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