What to Give A Loved One with Alzheimer's Disease This Christmas

Give a person with Alzheimer’s a wonderful gift at Christmas time. Their spouses and children have a very difficult time finding an appropriate gift their loved one can still enjoy. The solution is as simple as a calming and relaxing DVD.

Christmas is gift-giving season, but it is difficult to find an appropriate gift for a person with Alzheimer’s disease. Choices can be limited and loved ones concerned about what to give their family member with Alzheimer’s disease at Christmas often wonder what to do. The answer could be as simple as a DVD.

Because of the nature of memory diseases, it’s difficult for people with Alzheimer’s to watch regular television programs and movies. It can be frustrating to try to follow the plot and remember the characters. Most programs and films these days are also geared for a younger audience and have a lot of fast-paced, jarring pictures with loud music that can irritate older viewers. Dramas and newscasts depicting violence and make people with dementia agitated, creating an atmosphere quite opposite of what loving caregivers want to accomplish.

But, there are DVDs that can create a calming, relaxing atmosphere and create a more serene environment for both Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers.

Instead of loud voices and dramatic, aggressive scenes, instrumental music set to pictures of mountains, lakes, wildflowers, and wildlife provide respite and relaxation. Lake Solitude Media’s collection of DVDs is a positive alternative to regular television and movies. Each video has no story and no characters. Instead, majestic scenes of nature, including Yellowstone National Park, Saguaro National Monument, and wetlands in Florida set to soothing music provide a calming and captivating way to entertain people with Alzheimer’s disease.

The music in each DVD are songs with which older people with dementia are familiar, including classical and Christian hymns. There are two collections of Lake Solitude Media’s DVD series: Christian hymns set to nature scenes and secular music, including classical, with natural settings.

For example, Nature’s Splendor showcases magnificent scenery, beautiful flowers, and amazing wild creatures in settings of quiet streams and pastoral meadows; these scenes are set to beloved hymns such as “It is Well with My Soul” and “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.” The DVD “Magnificent Birds” features a vast array of swans, cranes, eagles and hummingbirds and many other birds set to music of classical composers such as Debussy, Chopin and Beethoven.

These calming DVDs benefit caregivers as well. Caring for people with Alzheimer’s is difficult and stressful. Watching these DVDs with loved ones with Alzheimer’s helps the compassionate caregiver relax as well and also helps create a shared time of enjoyment between loved ones.

To learn more about these DVDs, watch a video sample and order them as a gift, visit Lake Solitude Media’s website: http://www.alzheimersvideo.com

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