What is MILSIM and Other Questions Answered by an Expert from Airsoft Core

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Airsoft Core is the ultimate online resource on all the information and insight on Airsoft. The experts, headed by Timothy Hackett, base their articles on their experience of thousands of Airsoft games with different guns, including AEGs.

According to announcements released by Airsoft Core and Timothy Hackett, the website has published a detailed guide on Military Simulation events for Airsoft fans. It answers questions such as “What is MILSIM?” and “What tips do you have for someone participating in his first MILSIM event?”

MILSIM events try to recreate a battlefield scenario and present enthusiasts with an opportunity to experience and enjoy what soldiers do. These are meticulously planned simulations where each participant is given a specific role to play.

MILSIMs are a more intense and gratifying activity as compared to casual Airsoft skirmishes. Participants must prepare mentally and physically for experiencing the simulated war theater or a scenario of armed intervention. Players are required to equip and conduct themselves in line with the faction they are attached with. If one is given the role of a French legionnaire, then the equipment might include the FAMAS; a U.S army soldier, on the other hand, would be using OCP camouflage.

The content on this website draws on the writers’ exhaustive on-field experience and insider industry knowledge. The MILSIM guide provides pertinent advice to first-timers. It recommends entering the simulated dimension after careful study of the assigned role and the consequences of one’s actions in a real-world situation.

After perusing this guide on MILSIM events in America, airsoft enthusiasts can appreciate the importance of taking time to understand the obstacles that will present themselves during the MILSIM exercise and the role played by the weather. MILSIM events can last for up to 72 hours or even longer. This guide is a recommended read for beginners who wish to enjoy Airsoft at this level.

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Timothy Hackett of Airsoft Core said, “I’m trying to build out Airsoft Core as a reliable place to get good, honest, airsoft info. I banded with other airsoft enthusiasts to write great content on the hobby. We’ve got decades of experience with various airsoft guns and tactical gear that we’d love to share.

Whether you’re interested in playing a weekend warrior or trying to get the best gear you can, I want to help you ensure your hard-earned dollars aren’t wasted on junk products.

Our experience translates well into beginner information that is useful and ensures that new players stay in the sport contributing to the overall health of the hobby. Our website is easy to navigate and is full of information from using airsoft products repeatedly vs just unboxing and taking it out to a small number of games. Our airsoft gun reviews come from taking the products out for multiple, high-stress uses to best recreate a well-rounded experience a buyer might have from using the product.

MILSIM is one of the many ways to enjoy the sport of Airsoft and is about the only way to have an experience as close to that of a soldier.”

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Airsoft Core is run by Timothy Hackett, who is passionate about the game. Over 25 years of playing and working in the industry have given Hackett encyclopedic knowledge about how guns, pellets, and other equipment work. He shares it on the website.

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