What is a headhunter job and their salary guide in Vietnam

Recruiting senior level employees is becoming a hard problem to resolve in Vietnam. That's why many people and businesses choose to partner with a headhunter.

This reason also makes this job a more popular and hot career in Vietnam nowaday. So, what is a headhunter job and how does the salary guide of this position look like? Is it difficult to become a professional headhunter? The following article will help you answer these questions.
What is a headhunter job?
Headhunter is a person looking for talented candidates, senior personnel for companies that need to recruit employees. It can be said that headhunter is the bridge that brings employers and candidates closer. By using headhunters to find the right candidates, businesses now can save a lot of time and human resources for their recruitment process. Headhunters also help job seekers find their next job more quickly, scientifically and efficiently.
So what are the main responsibilities of the Headhunters in Vietnam?
Headhunter brings people and employers together. Each headhunter has a different way of working, but they always have to do the following step to make their mission done.
When starting a new project, the headhunter will look for information to understand the job vacancies being posted by the business.

Next, headhunters will identify which businesses and senior candidates need to access. Potential candidates will be selected and contacted in advance by phone or email. After the initial recruitment steps of Headhunter, businesses will receive a candidate profile and a detailed assessment of each person's ability. Candidates who meet basic requirements will be contacted directly by the business.
At the end of the interview, if the candidate is selected, the business will discuss with the candidate about the specific job with the salary guide Navigos, bonus, remuneration policy ... through face-to-face meetings or through a letter of probation. Probation letters will be sent to both candidates and Headhunter simultaneously.
A recruitment process which is done by headhunting usually lasts from 5 to 6 weeks. The job of headhunters does not stop at finding candidates, creating interviews for candidates with businesses. If the candidate is chosen, the headhunter continues to track the candidate working at that company and advise the candidate further on business information. If the candidate is unable to continue with the job, the hunters need to find the cause to provide a suitable solution for the candidate. This is the daily work of the headhunter nowaday. The headhunter is always faced with ethical issues, keeping customers' information confidential, meeting high-end candidates and demanding customers
Salary guide for headhunter career in Vietnam
Above is the basic work that a Headhunter Vietnam usually does. The headhunting profession sounds quite attractive, with a high salary, many development opportunities but also facing a multitude of challenges.

The salary of headhunter is a challenging profession, but in return it is quite high. The salary of a headhunter in a reputable headhunting company will be based on years of experience. With an experience of less than 1 year, the salary from 7 to 10 million / month, from 1-3 years is 10 - 17 million / month, from 3 years of experience or more, headhunter's salary may be from 1,000 USD / month or more. The headhunters are entitled to a sales commission of 10-20% of the total cost that the customer must pay to the headhunting company. Usually this cost is about 2 - 5 months of salary.
Final words
Headhunter in Vietnam is a whole art of hunting people. It blends professional sales skills, searching skills, selecting and analyzing information or communication skills, persuasion skills, negotiation skills. Hopefully through this article, you have a general picture of the headhunter career in our country. For more information about Navigos Search, you can visit the official website of our senior personnel company https://www.enworld.com.vn

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