What a deal: AGL Offers Free Infill With Any Purchase of Artificial Grass

For people looking for a company that offers artificial grass, there is only one that will satisfy their intentions. The best part? All the infill they want is free.

Artificial Grass Liquidators, a company which has provided clients with waterless solutions for the past 12 years and counting, is currently offering a brand new promotion that provides consumers with free recycled infill with any purchase.

This deal is one that only Artificial Grass Liquidators, or AGL, can boast. It is the only company in the industry offering this kind of deal to its consumer base, which is just piling on the savings when people consider that no other company can currently match or even come close to the price for turf. “This infill deal only further separates us from our competitors based on the amount of savings we provide and the various deals we offer”, said the company spokesperson.

This great deal works as described: a customer will purchase Grade-A turf from the company, and after that happens then AGL will recommend a certain square footage based on the amount of turf that was sold to the customer. One of their fine employees will then indicate to the customer how much infill is needed in accordance with the amount of turf they purchased, informing the customer what they exactly need to complete whatever project in which they are working on. Once those numbers are confirmed, the customer then pays a ‘core charge’ of $25 that covers the super sack bag that is full of infill — a large-sized bag for the customer to carry the infill and properly finish their project. The customer can then return the super sack back to AGL in exchange for a $10 refund for the bag.

For those unfamiliar with what infill is, it’s any kind of material that fits up holes or empty spaces. When it comes to turf, infill has a similar kind of meaning. Some of the first turf systems decades ago were not even composed of infill, and much of those second-generation synthetic turf systems featured sand infill. Nowadays, infill is largely comprised of a mixture of sand and recycled rubber. Some artificial turf even requires particular kinds of infill, such as silicon or granulated rubber — some of which is made from recycled car tires.

The importance of infill is not to be forgotten. It is essential to when it comes to the performance and safety of artificial turf. While fibers look pleasing to the eyes and add that aesthetic value to just about all kinds of turf, the infill is what brings it all together, spread within the fibers and offering a realistic and soft feel for anybody. Infill is the product that supports the fibers in which it is spread around, providing simultaneous stability for the grass and its owner.

That is why the deal that Artificial Grass Liquidators is offering is that great. For the low price of a super sack, a customer can walk out with a load of infill and make their turf look as good as ever. Then, once the project is complete, the sack can be returned for yet another discount. It’s why people choose AGL and trust the company: the product is unparalleled and the deals are better than ever. Try it and find out. For more details, visit http://www.artificialgrassliquidators.com/

About Artificial Grass Liquidators :

Artificial Grass Liquidating company brings high quality synthetic turf products to customers for affordable pricing. They offer a very large variety of synthetic grass products and always have enough in stock. AGL of SD is the fifth of six Artificial Grass Liquidators stores to have opened since 2009.

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