Westview Technologies Inc. Releases Guide Highlighting Disaster Recovery Myths

The guide shows businesses what they could be doing wrong in creating a viable data backup and disaster and recover plan , reports http://www.westecservices.net/.

Westview Technologies Inc., a Houston-based IT firm, has recently released a backup disaster and recovery guide for business owners. The newly-released guide is aimed at helping business owners understand the myths that they have too-often believed when it comes to disaster recovery and showing them the truth about their readiness to handle data issues. Those who are interested in reading the guide and learning more about creating a proper disaster recovery plan should visit www.westecservices.net.

Richard Schissler, a spokesperson for Westview Technologies Inc., commented "The federal government has reported that 75 percent of businesses that have a major data loss end up going out of business within 18 months of the incident. The reason for this is because most business owners are just plain unprepared for an event like this. While some of them just bury their heads in the sand and pretend that data loss won't happen to them, others believe myths about disaster recovery that prevents them from creating a viable plan to address the problem. We have written our disaster recovery myth guide to help these business owners recognize the lies they believe about disaster recovery and understand the truth about what it really takes to keep their data safe."

Westview Technologies Inc. is not only a managed it service provider in houston, the company also provides communication and security systems for business owners as well. Their technicians can install and support a variety of telephone systems houston, including Switchvox VoIP solutions, traditional PBX-based ESI legacy systems, and even mobile phone systems that are connected to the network for seamless communication. In providing all of these services, Westview does so with data security and a backup plan in place to ensure that clients are always protected in case problems arise.

As Schissler goes on to say, "Disaster recovery isn't an expense for business owners. Instead, they need to look at it as an investment. Just as they would spend their time and money having a telephone system installed, they need to invest in data protection for their business. The simple truth is that companies who do not are at a high risk of losing irreplacable files and information. We don't want t see that happen to any business owner, and our guide will show them how they can avoid this type of scenario in their business."

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