Westlake Say Several Users are Turning to 4G Mobile Broadband to Replace Wired Telephone

4G Mobile broadband is now available via nearly all UK operators and can offer speeds so fast that 4G experts, Westlake say some users are even replacing their wired services with it.

Westlake are a specialist provider of high quality business communication solutions, the solutions that the company provides enables their clients to easily manage their voice and data requirements. The company's 4G router solutions which can be found here enable clients to share their 4G mobile broadband connections, Westlake say that their 4G LTE routers are extremely popular with clients in the construction industry and businesses that are located in rural areas.

Before the launch of 4G it was not cost effective for telecoms providers to cable rural areas, until 2012 high-speed internet connections needed fibre optic cables to be laid and due to population size, etc. it was not cost effective for telecoms providers. Until 2012 many rural businesses had to make do with dial up connections. Dial up connections offered a transfer speed of just 56 Kbit/s, too slow for modern internet usage and the running of a business. A 4G connection is capable of reaching speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s and is suitable for IP telephony, cloud computing, video conferencing and even online gaming. 4G technology now allows users located in un-cabled areas to enjoy similar internet speeds to city dwellers.

See the below video for further explanation of what 4G is and some the benefits it can offer the end user


Westlake say that some of their largest clients are in the construction sector. Westlake's solutions such as the Proroute H820 4G Router is compatible with all UK 4G Networks, the solution enables construction companies to provide their site offices with instant and high-speed internet access. These solutions can be quickly set-up and offer VoIP, cloud computing and video conferencing functionality.

Westlake say that the Proroute H820 4G Router is “ideal for business, construction, mobile or temporary offices and M2M Remote Access and Monitoring (CCTV)”.

Click here to learn more about the Proroute H820 4G Router

Other 4G routers available from Westlake include the Huawei E5172 LTE 4G Router and Huawei B593 4G Router. Westlake say that the HUAWEI E5172 is the world’s first LTE CPE to support download speeds of up to 150Mbps, more information on the Huawei E5172 LTE 4G Router can be found here.

Westlake Communications Ltd have been in operation since 2001, the company employs several field engineers and provides a full range of communication products and services to clients located throughout the UK.

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