Westlake Release Infographic Detailing the Speed Benefits of 4G Mobile Broadband

4G Mobile broadband can offer speeds up to 100 times faster than 3G networks.

Westlake, a specialist provider of high quality business communication solutions release an infographic detailing the speed benefits that 4G can offer. Westlake Communications Ltd. established in 2001 provides a full range of communication solutions to clients located throughout the United Kingdom. The company say they have more than 10 years experience when it comes delivering mobile broadband solutions and in that time they have supplied around 18,000 customers with the latest 3G and 4G products and services.

Westlake's 4G router solutions, www.westlake.co.uk/4g-router enable construction industry clients and rural businesses to quicly and easily connect to the internet in areas where an ordinary broadband connection is not possible. The company say that their clients in the construction industry find 3G and 4G routers, www.westlake.co.uk/3g-4g-routers to be extremely beneficial. The technology offers a portable solution that enables new sites to be quickly connected, sending and receiving all kinds of data, all that's required is a mobile phone signal. Westlake say that the technology can even be used to keep construction sites secure via M2M Remote Access and Monitoring (CCTV).

Westlake's latest infographic which can be found here details the increased speed benefits 4G can offer over 3G and how this increased speed translates into greater usability for the end user. The infographic is focused mainly on the home user, how gaming, streaming music, etc. has been increased thanks to this technology. The increased 4G speed can of course benefit businesses and commercial users too, one example of the benefit this technology can offer a commercial user is the speed in which images can now be uploaded. Images that used to take 25 seconds to upload via 3G can now be online in just 1 second offering a huge benefit to construtction industry users, rural ecommerce stores, etc. video conferencing, VoIP and cloud computing are all possible via 4G.

Westlake have one of largest ranges of 3G and 4G routers, they stock products from leading manufacturers such as Proroute and Huawei. The company also carry a very large stock which enables next day, UK delivery for clients who need 100, 200 or even routers in a hurry.

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