Wen Lambo re-launches the revolutionary tracking project for Its valuable customers

When Lambo re-launches its revolutionary charting and tracking project. It has been in development for several months, and after countless hours of hard work, the team is ready to introduce the project to the world.

The UK-based team has worked tirelessly to bring this revolutionary charting and tracking project together. The Wen Lambo platform has grown exponentially in the months since the project's inception. In a move set to improve the Wen Lambo user experience while rewarding holders generously, the Wen Lambo tokenomics model is upgrading. A massive 10% of reflections will be distributed to all eligible holders in BNB, and supply will be reduced to 100,000,000.

In addition to this, 3% will be given in Retire Token, a low supply, high rewards token performing well in the current cryptocurrency market. Double rewards allow investors more flexibility with their passive income and offer another benefit to holding $LAMBO.

Wen Lambo has partnered with another project, Retire Token. Retire Token is a low supply, high rewards token currently performing well on the Binance Smart Chain. Retire Token has had great success with its recent marketing campaign, and a partnership with this project is set to bring new investment and visibility to Wen Lambo. Additionally, 3% of the rewards for holding $LAMBO will be given in $RETIRE, benefiting loyal Wen Lambo holders.

In yet more exciting news, the Wen Lambo Mobile App is ready to launch alongside the new tokenomics model. It brings all the key features of the highly regarded dApp to an aesthetic and ergonomic smartphone-friendly platform. The App offers a multitude of tools to track a portfolio and assist in in-depth research when looking for cryptocurrency investments. The main features include 1. Live charting and token information for any token on the BSC or ETH network. 2. Display portfolio value in your local currency. 3. Rug detector tools, including a contract scanner and developer wallet checker. 4. Trending tokens highlighting tokens that are performing well. 5. Track any wallet/token and its transaction history. 6. Swap feature, quickly trade tokens directly within the App.

The Wen Lambo App provides everything anybody could need to invest in cryptocurrency. The App is fully interactive and customizable, not to mention easy to navigate. Much like the dApp, the iOS and Android apps are supported by $LAMBO. The App is free to download, however, holding $150 worth of $LAMBO grants access to Turbo Features.

Wen Lambo is more than just a charting and tracking dApp. The tools across the ecosystem are geared towards improving user and investor experience and making cryptocurrency more accessible to the masses. The future is bright for Wen Lambo, and the upcoming marketing push is set to bring huge new visibility to the project. The next step for the team is to bring out their range of unique NFTs. These NFTs are set to inject a little whimsy into the project while opening up an entirely new avenue for the ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the future, and Wen Lambo is at the forefront with their revolutionary project.

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