Weekend Golfers Take Growing The Game Into Their Own Hands

twogolguys.com is offering Grow the Game Scholarship to inspire more college students to pick up the game of golf.

The game of golf has seen better days. Fewer rounds are being played each year, courses are closing and equipment manufacturers like Nike are pulling out of the market. Times are tough in the post-recession, post-Tiger Woods dominance era.

Two weekend golfers and part-time bloggers are taking the golf crisis seriously.

"As lovers of the game, we can't just sit on the sidelines and watch things continue to fall." said Chris Jeffries, co-founder of the TwoGolfGuys.com blog which covers golf skills, long-form gear reviews and educational infographics with an occasional opinion post. Chris and college roommate Kyle Hammich have started the TwoGolfGuys "Grow the Game Scholarship" which will target college students poised to engage with and inspire young players to pick up the game.

"It's great to be able to help those who are dedicated to growing the game - future golf instructors and coaches, while supporting education at the same time. Chris and I both graduated with large student loan debt, so we're trying to do our part to keep the post-graduation expenses low. This is a great targeted alternative to just donating to a general scholarship fund." says Kyle, an attorney by trade in the Washington DC metro.

"The last thing we want is for a future coach, who could go on to inspire hundreds of junior golfers, to pick a different line of work just to pay off student loans."

The TwoGolfGuys will also donate gear to youth events to help lower costs to families supporting their kids' sporting interests. "Golf is expensive compared to most other sports, so we want to lower that barrier where we can. We did a big project to decide on the best golf rangefinder [a distance measuring device] and now we have some extra rangefinders that we'll give away to some youth groups."

With all this effort, their goals are pretty modest: "We just want the game to be around for when we have kids and enough free time to play every day."

The TwoGolfGuys scholarship will be awarded in December. Application details can be found at www.twogolfguys.com/scholarship.

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