Website Platforms Go Head To Head In A Like For Like Google Ranking Test

Tara Stone and Elenor Capris are webmasters that have decided to go head to head and launch two websites with virtually identical domains but built on different platforms to find out which ranks better than the other on Google

Tara Stone and Elanor Capris have got together to carry out an initiative to determine which website platform will rank better than the other. Both ladies have created similar site but both unique. They share similar domain names, and both have received an identical level of off page SEO. The difference between the two sites is in the platform they are built on. Elanor’s site has been built on the industry leading platform Wordpress. Tara’s site, however, has been built using a fairly new platform called Dynamik.

Tara and Elenor are working together on this incentive so create a ranking test that unbiased and one that is as identical as possible. Tara said that it is important to set things up as similar as possible, but stated that even though best efforts have been applied, there would still be subtle differences between the two sites. Elanor said that the content needed to be different or else Google’s algorithm may prevent either site performing from a duplicate content basis.

Both ladies said that they would make the test as fair as possible because they both wanted to know which platform performed the best. Tara said that this was an important test and that the result could actually make a big difference to the internet.

Tara went on to say that she thought that her Dynamik platform would out perform the Wordpress platform, and if this was to be the case, she would then run a social campaign to promote the Dynamik platform in the hope that her trials would go viral. Tara is working closely with the developers of Dynamik, whilst Elenor is a seasoned Wordpress expert that has ranked many sites on the 1st page of Google.

The ladies have decided on focusing on elephant jewelry as a niche. The phrase Elephant jewelry is currently searched for thousands of times per month. There are several other phrases that both sites are relevant for which if totalled, mouth up to tens of thousands of searches per month, and as a result, the ladies said that the niche presents itself as a great niche to work on for this proof test.

A couple of weeks ago, both sites were launched. The early results showed that the Dynamik site got indexed by Google much faster than the Wordpress site. That could however be a coincidence and that the longer term results would show the leader and best performing platform

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