Website Design Firm Pitches Mobile Websites as the Wave of the Future

Company declares businesses lacking a mobile website will often fail to succeed.

Consumers across the globe now make use of more than one billion smart phones, and this number is expected to double over the coming three years. In addition, mobile web searches are projected to outstrip desktop searches within the next two years. "Companies lacking a mobile optimized website risk falling behind their competitors as consumers demand information at their fingertips, even when they are on the go, and this is where Mobilise Your Website comes in," Geoffrey, media spokesperson for the company, declares.

Mobilise Your Website understands that 70 percent of mobile searches lead to a consumer taking action within a one hour period, with the majority resulting in a purchase. In comparison, 70 percent of online searches lead to action being taken within a one month period. "Mobilise Your Website strives to help each client create mobile web sites designed to encourage purchases as 61 percent of users state they won't return to a site that isn't designed for use on a mobile device. Make your website mobile friendly with the help of Mobilise Your Website so consumers don't choose to look elsewhere now and in the future," Geoffrey explains.

Mobile websites offer a variety of features often lacking in a site optimized for use on a desktop. Bigger buttons allow customers to easily access the information they feel is needed to make an informed purchasing decision. A built-in map with directions and click-to-call feature often appear on mobile sites, and most sites of this type come with free mobile web analytics so companies can track traffic coming to the site.

"Mobilise Your Website offers two options, recognizing that companies have different needs. Companies preferring to design their own website like the mobile website editor platform as it helps the user create fully functional mobile websites with no tech skills. Others choose to have Mobilise Your Website do the work, converting a current desktop site to one that is designed for use on mobile devices. Staff members are happy to work with clients to determine which solution best meets their needs as Mobilise Your Website wants to see every company succeed in these changing times, and mobile sites are necessary to achieve this goal," Geoffrey proclaims.

Mobilise Your Website designs mobile-friendly websites and offers a service to convert existing desktop sites to ones which work on mobile devices. When consumers access mobile-friendly sites, they do so quickly and easily, which has a significant impact on the company as consumers demand ease of access and instant information. Mobile devices now outnumber the worldwide population, and this changes the way information is accessed. Companies taking advantages of this find the mobile site is the key to success and Mobilise Your Website is ready to help companies make this transition to boost their bottom line.

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