Weblulu.com Launches Free Cloud Based Hosting for Personal and Small Business Websites

Web Host Weblulu.com has recently launched their free cloud base hosting service for personal websites and for small businesses, making it a lot simpler to start a blog or an online business.

Many say that the future of the Internet is going to be in “the cloud”; and for those who have seen the great potential of cloud computing, the future does looks brighter. As more webmasters learn the difference between shared hosting as compared to cloud based hosting, many are now actively seeking hosting companies that can provide the latter due to its reportedly superior performance.

One company, Weblulu.com, doesn’t just have a comprehensive hosting plan that is cloud based, they now have opened their services for free for bloggers and small business owners who are just starting their website and want to save money. With the current popularity of cloud based services, finding a hosting company that doesn’t just provide a top-notch service but will offer it for free as well is exciting information site owners will definitely appreciate and benefit from.

According to an article from DailyProgress.com, cloud based services are gaining popularity today and is even predicted to set the standards for next generation of computer specialist. In one of their articles, they report, "As cloud-based computing gains in popularity and power, businesses and educators need to rethink training for the next generation of computer science specialists, and for students, in general, according to tech-based business leaders and two higher-education professionals."

"Cloud [computing] now is undergoing a major shift and it’s going to change the landscape substantially,” said Albemarle County resident Steve Fey, president of Richmond-based Proxios. The company, launched in 1999, supplies hardware and software over a network, or cloud. - DailyProgress.com, from their article ‘CBJ: Forecasting the future of cloud computing’

The free cloud based hosting service they have recently launched is aimed to help website owners who are searching for no-cost alternatives and avoid expensive paid hosting plans. Small online business owners and those who own educational websites will also appreciate the fact that though their cloud based hosting is offered for free, Weblulu.com has no ads, ads pop-ups and other forced to banners for its users.

With the launching of this free service, many site owners will be able to save revenue and will be able to run and maintain their websites or blogs using cloud hosting technology. For more information about their free cloud based hosting plans, visit their website today at www.weblulu.com or contact their representative directly for further details.

About Weblulu.com
They provide free cloud based hosting for personal blogs, small businesses and educational websites as well. Weblulu.com’s new services will allow website owners to launch and run a site using their advanced cloud based plans free of charge without ads, pop-ups or forced banners.

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