WebHostingSecretRevealed.net Publishes Comprehensive VPS Hosting Guide With Infographic

Web Hosting Secret Revealed has created a comprehensive guide to VPS hosting with an infographic explaining the major decision making factors for those new to VPS Hosting.

Servers are not understood by many, including those who use them daily to support and update their own websites. Eventually however, when popularity strikes, webmasters or businesses must make the decision to switch between shared servers and the other options available, of which there are many. Web Hosting Secret Revealed specializes in explaining these options to people in such a way that they are easy to understand and action. Their latest publication is a comprehensive VPS hosting guide with infographic that can help people go from complete beginner to an informed decision.

The VPS Web Hosting Guides provide an introduction to the diversifying options available to businesses looking to upgrade their servers to provide a better quality of service, speed and reliability to their users. They cover why VPS is advantageous, but also what considerations users must make to choose the right VPS package, many of which are also covered in a direct comparison table that marks their performance against these key considerations.

The infographic provides an illustrated guide as to how to conceptualize server space in such a way that is more familiar to most users, helping them see the advantages and disadvantages of each kind and choose what may be most appropriate for them.

A spokesperson for Web Hosting Secret Revealed explained, “In addition to our comprehensive VPS guide, we have also published new tracking and reviews of major sites like our HostMetro review, together with a list of websites that do not use so-called ‘overselling’, instead providing a superior quality of service to a more limited number of customers. This means that once people have used our guide to identify exactly what kind of package will be best for them, they can then apply that knowledge to choosing a company using the new list.”

About Web Hosting Secret Revealed: Founded in May 2008, Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR) delivers useful information to web hosting shoppers, bloggers, and web marketers. WHSR grew, and now consists of Web Hosting Reviews focus on providing trustworthy and practical guidance, a WHSR Blog offering a wide variety of blogging, web development, and Internet marketing strategies, and the WHSR Uptime Monitor, which offers a simple, helpful way to track web host uptime.

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