Web3.0 Index Fund Is Created To Capture The High Ground Of Internet Value In The Next Generation

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Web 3.0 is an evolution of Web 2.0, which is more open, trustless and permissionless.

Web3 Fund is an index fund for Web3.0 that represents the infinite market capitalization of the next generation of the Internet. Web3 Fund has been created to represent the first decentralized index in its field, with the strong reliability of having real assets behind it and representing the real market capitalization of the next generation of the Internet and Web3.0 sector.

Web 3.0 is an evolution of Web 2.0, which is more open, trustless and permissionless. The core of Web 3.0 is that any individual has the right to participate in the development of technology and benefit from it. In another words, it is a transformation from centralized to human-centred decentralized computing, whereby the internet becomes a more user-centred internet, in which the user's data, identity and digital assets are fully owned by the user, and the value of personal data is further reflected. Regarding to this, Vitalik Buterin stated that the current market value of the Internet in Web 2.0 is calculable, whereas the value of the Internet unleashed in Web 3.0 is immeasurable. Meanwhile, Web 3.0 can be operated by network players around the world and offers users a new set of win-win rules that were unprecedented under the traditional and centralized cost structure of Web 2.0 applications. Currently, world-leading Internet companies such as Amazon, Apple and Google are building and developing products for Web 3.0 applications. Web 3.0 is set to be the foreseeable future, as well as the next generation of the global internet.

Web3 Fund is a decentralized index fund that automates portfolio and management on the basis of an algorithmically resilient mechanism and is a groundbreaking asset management project in Web3.0. It replicates not only the traditional index fund operating model, where there is an established fund manager and investors can follow in the footsteps of the fund manager to purchase shares. The constituent assets of Web3 Fund are the most representative of the Web3.0 universe, whereby investors automatically transfer their underlying asset holdings into the index pool via a smart contract, thus creating a new EIP vehicle. Meanwhile, in contrast to most indices of market capitalization or " total lock-in value" used in other EIP tools, Web3 Fund is based on a fundamental index approach. Critically, this approach is based on the investor's underlying valuation data, namely, network revenue and usage, against its intrinsic value in the internet market rather than the post-IPO market value of the virtual token, which more accurately reflects the true value of the project. As a result, the valuation is significantly accurate.

While index fund is a passive investment tool product, investing in index funds for the average investor means having the advantage of the inevitable long-term upside that never dies. In theory, index fund was originally created to provide investors with the opportunity to actively embrace the development of the industry and enjoy the dividends. It means that buying an index fund gives you the opportunity to gain income by simply being a friend of time. Web3 Fund has identified three blockchain networks and their native tokens, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Polkadot and Filecoin, as constituent tokens of the index. They are high-quality project assets in the most promising web3.0 sector, thus giving them a head start before the next wave of internet development. Inevitably, as an excellent digital asset fund, many investors also believe that Web3 Fund has more asset redemption capabilities than Grayscale Investments' Bitcoin Trust, a centralized bitcoin trust derivative. In terms of the flexibility of the investment, it is possible to redeem the real assets underlying the index tokens at any time. Therefore, it is certainly more attractive than a greyed-out bitcoin trust. In conclusion, the creation of Web3 Fund offers investors both a simpler and more reliable investment vehicle to invest in the next generation of the internet. Moreover, simultaneously it also helps to drive the development of the whole web3.0 sector and promotes the blockchain industry to move faster towards maturity for a bigger wave of development.

Conclusion: Web3.0 has taken off and Web3 Fund has successfully seized the track. In the future, Web3 Fund will gradually adopt project governance to expand the composition of the index by introducing other new and dynamic quality projects and assets that can represent Web3.0, so that it can more scientifically and accurately reflect the true market value of Web3.0 sector.

Remarks: This paper does not constitute any investment advice, the market is risky and requires caution in investment.

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