Web Designer Voltage New Media Moves To New Office Space In Victoria, British Columbia

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Voltage New Media has moved into a new office space in Victoria, BC, and are now specializing in helping local businesses using local SEO specialized web design.

Web design> is one of the most fundamental parts of twenty first century business strategy and branding. Like a business card but infinitely more complex and with the potential for far greater rewards both for the user and the business itself, the website requires a delicate touch that makes hard work seem effortless and drives people to bricks-and-mortar spaces or online stores. Voltage New Media has been designing stunning, responsive and high converting websites for five years and has now found their own bricks and mortar office in the dramatically titled Dragon Alley in Chinatown, Victoria, BC. The company is using this as an opportunity to relaunch with a new focus on local business.

With details on their own site on how companies can connect with them regarding the impending relaunch, the site is taking social media, interactivity and audience engagement seriously on their own site, demonstrating the techniques they use to potential clients. They are renowned for web design that is completely bespoke so it matches both the clients’ needs and the market to ensure the websites convert making them a high yielding asset to the business.

The company itself is looking to refocus its efforts on companies that have the future in mind, looking to retail businesses and start ups to form its expanding client list, with the business giving their web designer team new projects that will redefine how their new customers interact with their market.

A spokesperson for Voltage New Media explained, “We have successfully been creating beautiful, functional websites that create amazing conversion rates for five years, and five years is long enough for us to know what we’re best at and how we want to work. For us that means future-focused retail and start-ups, bringing a local-focused approach to a nationwide and multinational client list. Without giving away too many of the details of our mission statement, we invite everyone to subscribe via our website so that they can hear our latest plans when we emerge from our chrysalis later this year.”

About Voltage New Media:
Voltage New Media has been established since 2009. They specialize in clean, minimal and beautiful websites that are easy to use and have great conversation rates. The company is now looking to partner with select retail businesses and startups to help them draw the attention they deserve.

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Organization: Voltage New Media
Phone: 778-265-2412
Website: http://www.voltagenewmedia.com/

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Name: Matt Magi
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