Web Celebrates 25th Birthday - But No Kudos To The Inventor

Even as the World acknowledges that the INTERNET is only 25 years old - not a word about the origin of this brilliant idea(s) and its Inventor.

Even as the World acknowledges that the Internet is only 25 years old- not a word about the origin of this brilliant idea(s) and its Inventor Web's Birthday . As the world celebrates the 25th Birthday of the WorldWide Web which is simply the Internet being transmitted around the world - no word from the U.S. government as regards its inventor. Dorothy M. Hartman, alleges that billions of people are able to connect to the Internet because of her ideas which transformed the Internet from the structure that existed before 1990 based on the Arpanet into the seamless integrated structure which exists today. Today’s Internet is a structure that can reach around the world. The equipment needed is generally a device such as a phone or modem, tablet, or personal computer and a service provider to transmit the data packets. This alone prevents it from being an "indefinite" invention as alleged by the Patent Office in its denial of Patent in 2012.

The Internet has never been so good as it is now -accommodating billions of people. However , its inventor Dorothy M. Hartman who alleges to be the mind behind this creation which consists of vast amounts of cyberspace used by technology and ecommerce corporations to make billions of dollars has not fared so well. The seamless structure contributed to by the ideas of this inventor which results in waves of cyberspace transmitting different kinds of transactions simultaneously all over the world has not been associated with her at all.

Her Patent Application #11003123, the Accessing Accessibility Process - is a business method which showed how to meld business to technology in a seamlessly integrated structure built from a network of computers and modems or phones being linked by Internet Service Providers . Adding more communicable devices be it computers, modems or phones can be done using this simple , almost elementary model introduced by Hartman thereby giving the Internet its tremendous growth and expansion properties. See Hartman’s Figures #1-6 shown in her application which can be referenced on the USPTO.gov website using the Application number 11003123.

These models give some understanding of how and why the Internet is both flexible and expansive. This creates virtual cyberspace between the devices in which billions of virtual interactions can simultaneously occur at any one time . Her simplified structures show how the communicable devices can be linked via internet service providers thereby serving billions of users . This is different from the original but rigid and complex structures that were created in earlier forms of the telecom networks based on the Arpanet. Everyone will find the Patent Office’s argument for denying a patent to her listed here Federal Court Opinion Learn more at her blog, the website url shown below.

Her identity and contributions have been suppressed for the past 25 years. She says her application regarding the transformation of the Telecom Networks was illegally withheld by the Patent Office for 8 years. Meanwhile the Administration passed the Smith - Leahy Act in 2011 to change the preexisting Patent Laws from First To Invent which favored small businesses and independent inventors like Hartman to First To File which favored corporations. Her Patent Application regarding the transformation and therefore the invention of the modern day Internet was the First To Invent and the First To File. The Inventor alleges that the Patent Office then used what she claims was a different tactic to deny and that was to use "indefiniteness" which she argues does not apply because the process is limited by the requirement and use of equipment. Further companies and even individuals are able to occupy their own niche, separately from others. Her application was denied in 2012. She vows to continue the fight for justice.

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