WBCC Digital, black/veteran-owned blockchain/cryptocurrency firm partners with $50M global crypto giant Utrust (UTK)

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Utrust, a leader in the crypto payments space, partners with WBCC Digital, helping e-commerce businesses integrate the power of accepting digital currencies. Their underlying cryptocurrency token (UTK), holds a global market-cap of roughly $50M USD, trading on notable exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, & Uniswap.

Weeks ago, Utrust announced the following via their verified Twitter account:

“A big percentage of the global population is under-banked. WBCC wants to change that. This new Utrust merchant wants to bring crypto and blockchain concepts to the masses. Find out more at: https://wbcc.tech. Welcome to the family WBCC Digital!”

WBCC Digital, a minority-owned & operated blockchain/crypto startup, founded in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, recently confirmed the announcement via their Instagram (@wbccdigital) with a retweet of the original Utrust announcement (@wbccd).

WBCC Digital Founder/CEO, Lamar Watson, had the following to say of the partnership announcement:

“The entire objective here at WBCC is chiefly rooted around bringing blockchain & crypto awareness to EVERYONE—with an “underlining emphasis” on the demographic of people that look like us, come from where we come from, talk the way we talk, listen to the music that we listen to, devoid of the hassle of assimilation. We are beyond excited to be partnering with a world-wide leader in space, that not only understands our macro vision but actively enables it. We're grateful to be able to call them family as well.”

WBCC Digital has already implemented Utrust's crypto payments solution on their own platform—and promises that their number one 2021 priority is helping other entrepreneurs and small businesses shift from “physical retail” to new age digital platforms, leveraging the newfound power, security, and scalability that crypto and blockchain now offer the world. Utrust, is WBCC Digital's exclusive recommended crypto payments solution for all clients, present and future. Innovative businesses of any size, can instantly unlock well over $500B of global crypto liquidity, simply by electing to integrate on-chain blockchain payments on their websites, blogs, etc.,

WBCC Digital currently offers remote blockchain solutions, aimed at helping the normal everyday consumer looking to unlock and understand the potential of Bitcoin, alternative cryptos, and the Blockchain Revolution as a whole. WBCC Digital aims to be a virtual tour guide, providing the knowledge gained through nearly a decade of actual “hands on” experience and RECON (Real Expert Crypto Opinions Now). Their blockchain-based business solutions, including full-stack Ecommerce website construction (w/ blockchain integration) for new or operating businesses needing assistance ushering in the digital evolution is slated to launch January 2021.

WBCC Digital also offers RECON quality merchandise such as masks, coffee mugs, tote bags, stickers, phone cases, etc. on their website, https://wbcc.tech. making of support of this black-owned unicorn in the ever evolving STEM/blockchain space, accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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Name: Ms. Shanita Matta
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Name: Ms. Shanita Matta
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Organization: WBCC Digital PR Team