WaykiChain(WICC) X Huobi Korea Hackathon to Support Global DApp Development

WaykiChain(WICC) recently announced its co-host blockchain-focused Hackathon with Huobi (Korea) featuring around 100 of developers from all over the world .

WaykiChain(WICC) recently announced its co-host blockchain-focused Hackathon with Huobi (Korea) featuring around 100 of developers from all over the world . It will take place on August 9-10, 2019. WaykiChain X Huobi Hackathon has attracted some enthusiastic developer teams to register till now, developers will participate in to use WaykiChain and compete for three big prizes and mysterious prizes.
WaykiChain is committed to advancing and leading in the Blockchain industry by building and innovating in its underlying technologies and applications. The project aims to provide enterprise-level blockchain infrastructure and solutions to the various industry, decentralized asset exchanges and global exchanges. The ultimate goal of WaykiChain is to create a self-sustainable world-leading blockchain ecosystem.
With superb transaction processing speed (3200+ TPS), advanced technology sustainable business model and massive adoption of DApps, WaykiChain has launched its 1.5 million Funding Program since last year. Aiming for the open-up the Korean market, providing all-round support for blockchain talents, with the leading blockchain Exchange Huobi, WaykiChain presents the world this Hackathon that is looking forward to moving the industry forward with its participants.
WaykiChain is already familiar with the term of Killer DApps. Central to this idea is identity authentication powered by Smart Contracts. With blockchain, DApps benefits from increased transparency and security. With superb transaction processing speed (3200+ TPS), a highly efficient consensus mechanism, a powerful smart contract engine, and advanced blockchain community governance capabilities, WaykiChain is with no doubt a great choice for killer DApps to grow on.
Waykichain provides a $30,000 USD prize to the winner of WaykiChain X Huobi Hackathon. The prize will be awarded for meeting all the above criteria with basic code cleanup and presentation.
Judging Criteria
According to Hackathon site, the event has invited some high-reputation blockchain medias and professors to as speakers and judges.
The winner will be chosen from amongst the participant projects by a panel of judges at WaykiChain X Huobi. The judges’ decisions are final, binding and incontestable. Judgment of presentation will be based on:
Utilization of WaykiChain public chain, contact lists, and other data (40%)
Leveraging decentralized concepts for the application logic and processing and architecture (20%)
Presentation — design of the application including flow, usability, and user interface (20%)
Bonus intangibles — inclusion of support for voice, images, videos, email/phone authentication, mobile apps, notifications, ability to search for contacts, backups, groups, use of oracles and external decentralized services for identity, etc (20%)
The Hackathon 2019 will be a great experience and opportunity for global excellent DApp developers. With the great supports in technical, financial and marketing aspects, more new high-quality DApps could be created to enrich the public blockchain ecosystem.

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