Waydoo Introduces Flyer ONE, the “Flying Surfboard” EFoil with Groundbreaking “All-in-ONE” Technology on Kickstarter

Waydoo has recently introduced the Flyer ONE, a versatile all-in-one electric hydrofoil (“eFoil”), which features a first-class, powerful electric propulsion system that can reach a top speed of 25mph (42km/h).

Waydoo has recently introduced the Flyer ONE, a versatile all-in-one electric hydrofoil (“eFoil”). The Flyer ONE is an exciting new addition to the world of hydrofoil surf sports from the up-and-coming watersports technology developer, Waydoo. Waydoo’s innovative new eFoil is now available for supporters to back on Kickstarter.

Water sports enthusiasts can now experience the thrilling sensation of flying in any body of water. Without the typical weather condition limitations of traditional hydrofoils, the Flyer ONE can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. The Flyer ONE presents a unique opportunity for adventure seekers from all walks of life to explore oceans, lakes, and rivers like never before.

The Flyer ONE features a first-class, powerful electric propulsion system that can reach a top speed of 25mph (42km/h). The high-efficiency PowerFlight battery rapidly recharges in just two hours and can provide an impressive 55-85 minutes of ride time. Waydoo’s latest eFoil offers unbeatable safety features in a high-performance package. Using the handheld Bluetooth Jet ONE controller, riders always have full control over their speed and can choose between a variety of kneeling, sitting, and standing positions.

“We see a huge potential market in watersports entertainment, due to the rapid rise in popularity of e-foiling,” commented Bianca Zhang, co-founder of Waydoo. “With our integrated supply chain and over 10 years of research and design expertise, our aim via this Kickstarter campaign is to make the cutting-edge new Waydoo Flyer ONE an accessible luxury option for water adventurers.”

Waydoo Flyer ONE’s Specs and Features

● Jet ONE Controller: Riders can select between 24-speed options, including beginner, intermediate, to advanced proficiency modes. Speed, gear, and battery information is easily visible on the handheld Bluetooth controller’s anti-glare screen display and riders can easily view all of their riding data on the Waydoo App using the integrated GPS tracking function.
● FlightFreeze: To ensure the safety of all riders, Waydoo’s proprietary safety feature will automatically stop the propeller if you fall off, once you release a trigger.
● PowerFlight Cell Battery: Waydoo’s high efficiency, fast charging lithium-ion battery completely recharges in two hours, provides 55-85 minutes of ride time, and is interchangeable with other PowerFlight batteries.
● Speed Lock Mode: Designed with younger or amateur riders in mind, the Speed Lock Mode feature ensures comfort and safety by limiting high speeds.
● Accessories: The optional Flyer ONE supportive inflator accessory can transform a rider’s experience by offering increased stability, and lowering the chance of falling into the water.

Waydoo’s Flyer ONE offers a superior, hassle-free set-up. Riders no longer need to fuss with gel application, cables, electrical contacts, or other complicated preparation. The board, mast, and fin can be assembled easily with the six screws provided and the detachable PowerFlight Cell can be installed with a simple push. The Flyer ONE offers fully customizable color and length options, and a range of mast sizes are available for enhanced agility and higher performance.

While similar eFoils on the market set customers back up to $12,000 USD, Waydoo Flyer ONE boasts high quality, innovative features without the hefty price tag. For a limited time only, the Waydoo Flyer ONE is available to consumers through Kickstarter for $3795 USD – a 20% discount off its regular $4795 USD retail price.

About Waydoo

Founded in 2018, Waydoo was born as a startup project that invests and manufactures intelligence hardware for water sports enthusiasts. With over 10 years of industry background and product development experience, Waydoo’s R&D team ensures high quality, innovative technology in all its water sports products. Waydoo’s first product, the Waydoo Flyer was designed and developed within a year and came to market in Q3 2019.

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